Saturday, January 09, 2010

When Big Things Happen On Little Records.....Some 7" Reviews

Examinin the insides of the Placenta Popeye/Reverse Mouth 7" I's seen where the 'Cent Pops was French so I reckoned I was in for some Dustbreeders like harshness. Not so, instead these merde slingers is more like a robust mirepoix of Dead C, Michio Kadotani Band & Sic Alps braisin talent dunt into ear dinner. Reverse Mouth also make some good aural zorp & w/ Cabaret Voltaire b-side elan, conjure up a séance where an immanent deity does a standup bit about Aleister Crowley's bad breath. Don't get too close! Entitled 'Baby Blues Kids' (the split itself, not that track) I really was expectin this to suck some serious Industrial ass, but it's pretty damn neat, so hooray. Numbered edition of 400, available through; ,

Remember how there was that whole Hawkwind trend w/bands in the 90's? No, too young you say? Well it happened & might still be goin on, I don't know. Don't get me wrong, it was fun-most of the time-but after a spell, it got tired. What? Whaddya call me? Sorry, I's got someone on my intercom askin me for money. If I was "in the field" I could just shoot'em, drop'em in a ditch & that'd be the end of it. But uh... where were we?
Oh, I gotta tell you's I was one happy psy-ops motherfucker when I got this Glitter Wizard, 'Black Lotus/Witch's Limbo' 7" in the mail & had me a big heap've Deep Purple blues rock explosion all over my turntable. Maybe you don't think Deep Purple is cool. But then if you knowed about half what I does, you'd be doin this blog instead of me. And w/that smidgen've knowledge, getting a brand new 7" what sounds like a sideways sonicstruction of 'Highway Star' b/w 'Maybe I'm A Leo' would be almost as boss as getting an eightball've coke & twin strippers for your 60th birthday. That's right. Listenin now, punk? Sure, I've heard talk've Monster Magnets, which reminds me; there weren't no bigger Monster Magnets than Deep Purple in their prime. Unless it's Glitter Wizard. NOW. I think we're done here. Now put that cock in your mouth & get back to work.

True Story; Someones picked up a copy of this 7" for me whiles they was on vacation down in Sydney, we're talkin 6-8 months ago. Now theys don't live here in the Fishown, or even Phila, but not so far away that they couldn't just send it in the mail . What would it cost, 3 bucks? But they never seemed to have an extra 3$ for their ol bud, Roland Seward Woodbe. Hell, theys even stopped around since, TOLD me about the record (& how they'd forgotten it, can you believe it?) & at that point I squeezed 5$ in their pauper paws & said "just send it". Come to find they spent that money on a Ped Egg (you can't make this stuff up). Theys was just stringin me along. So long story short; I finally got it (I even paid for the funeral)-& boy was it worth the wait! The ping pong male/female vocals IS Icarusly close to the Royal Trux sun, but Circle Pit's stripped away any Glimmer Twin worship from their hopped up trouble psych & its lead guitarist Angela Bermuda what fuels this fire w/gasoline. 'Total Waste' is a careening, reckless drive but it's the flip, 'Every Body Left' where the smell of buckshot & whiskey really permeates the landscape. An when she taps her foot onto that talent pedal, you just know their days as Koala petters is numbered. And from what Kevin Failure & Matt Horseshit has told me, the live spectacle's even more buff. Buckle up! Somebody oughta look into some distro on this'un, but quick.

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