Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE C&B, Pre SHADOW RING Recordings 7" ep.....GONE!

The C&B is short for Cat & Bells Club, a brief precursor that would soon be transformed into the inestimable poetics of The Shadow Ring. Studious fans of the band's releases may recognize this name from the whimsical word search found on the back cover of their 1995 7', 'Some Of Us'. Ah, finally; mystery solved & now all the ducks are on the pond.
While early Shadow Ring managed to fuse equal parts Tyrannosaurus Rex mystical recitations w/Throbbing Gristle aural idolatry, The C&B seem divinely born out of the sputtering taps of brown ale that flowed freely down the gullets of various 1st generation DIY shufflers, most notably, 49 Americans or Door And The Window. And while this is just dumb luck, there's no denying a genus, unintentional as it may be. The templates for the ruminative, droll & original wordsmithing not to mention the threadbare musical accompaniment that would soon become the hallmark for The Shadow Ring sound are now available for the 1st time ever in a 300 press 7", 4 track ep. Original artwork by founding member, Graham Lambkin.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jim Shepard 'Picking Through The Wreckage With A Stick' lp.....SOLD OUT

It's been curious to see the recent frenzied interest in all things Jim Shepard & along the way, a new blog has been set up dedicated soley to his works called 'Forever Lowman'
So fans of Jim, V-3, Vertical Slit, go & check it out. It's not a merch site, but if your looking to fill the (many, surely) gaps in his discography digitally, this is the place.
That said, while rearranging a basement full of neglected overstock, I recently came across a box of Jim Shepard's 'Pick Through The Wreckage With A Stick' lp's. I'd all but forgotten their existence; they were over runs from the pressing plant, a few I recall using for radio promo's when it was released in 1995. We didn't have enough covers for them, so just the stations call letters were written on the front of some blank jackets & a cheap printed song list was copied & affixed to the back, done. We sent off a few, the rest went into a plastic tub & filed for posterity. And today, posterity came knockin.
So here's the deal; I have 22 copies of the lp; original pressing, clean, pristine vinyl, never played. I made some mockup color covers from an original copy (these were screened & spray painted by Jim back then) for the front & b/w copies of the back + reprinted the 2 sided insert that came w/original edition. There's photo's left & above (sans insert, but it'll be in the jacket) of what I'm talking about.

Sorry, SOLD OUT.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

U.S. GIRLS....European Tour Underway!

U.S. Girls extensive European tour is already going, here's a schedule of upcoming shows. Catch her if you can! Also, new lp, GOING GREY is now on sale, 15$ppd US, 18$ Canada, 25$ elsewhere. Paypal to;
Distributors, go to for wholesale requests.
And check out this swank vid for 'Red Ford Radio;

Feb 1 @ La Suite / Paris
Feb 2 @ Raymond Bar / Clermont-Ferrand
Feb 3 @ Grrrndzero / Lyon
Feb 4 @ WORM / Rotterdam
Feb 5 @ Scheld’apen / Antwerp
Feb 6 @ OCCII / Amsterdam
Feb 7 @ ZAKK / Bremen
Feb 9 @ Bis Aufs Messer / Berlin
Feb 11 @ Klub 007 Strahov /Prague
Feb 12 @ Kafe Kult / Munich
Feb 13 @ Dal Verme / Rome
Feb 14 @ Zuni / Ferrara
Feb 16 @ Flat / Mestre
Feb 17 @ Hundebiss Secret Place / Milan
Feb 18 @ La Faena / Madrid
Feb 19 @ ZDB / Lisbon
Feb 20 @ TBA / Coimbra
Feb 22 @ Sex Is Disgusting / Brighton
Feb 23 @ Chameleon / Nottingham
Feb 24 @ The Head Of Steam / Newcastle
Feb 25 @ 13th Note / Glasgow
Feb 26 @ Ordinary Days / Belfast
Feb 27 @ Thomas House / Dublin
Feb 28 @ The Victoria / Birmingham
Mar 1 @ Cafe OTO / London
Mar 3 @ TBA / Copenhagen
Mar 4 @ Singsang / Malmo
Mar 5 @ Aktör & Vänner / Göthenburg
Mar 6 @ TBA / Stockholm
Mar 8 @ TBA / Helsinki
Mar 9 @ TBA / Tampere