Saturday, January 14, 2012

Second Volume Of Vacuum Recordings Now Available!

SOLD OUT A long wait to be sure on this one, but well worth it. Second installment of archival tracks from this legendary Christchurch outfit, culled from cassette recordings circa 1978-78. For the uninformed, Vacuum were the genesis, the ground zero, the guys that forged the ChCh "sound". While the band's lifespan was short, it's members would go on to soon after form Bilders, Pin Group, Victor Dimisich Band, Scorched Earth Policy & Terminals. Before Flying Nun, before ANYTHING, there was Vacuum. These recordings are being offered up for the 1st time, ever. Tracks are as follows;

Side A
1-Walking Slow (Dux de Lux, 1979)
2-Born & Bled (Barbadoes Street "the cemetery", 1979)

Side B
3-Remember Breaking Up (Dux de Lux, 1979)
4-Skulls (Oxford Terrace, 1978)

This is a one time 7" ep edition of 300.