Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Axemen's 'Big Cheap Motel' LP Ready For Order!

So the 1st of the Axemen reissue lp series is now available. 'Big Cheap Motel' was originally released as a cassette in 1983 & documents the band's assault on a free concert sponsored by the Big M milk congolmerate. On here one finds the Axemen to be the living embodiment of early 'don't man hate, man educate' Riot Grrrl doctrine, caterwauling a set of on-the-spot original protests (+ a Rolling Stones cover) aimed at local city council & Big M's salacious advertising that falls somewhere between ATV's 'What You See Is What You Are' & Half Japanese live in DuPont Circle ( Would Alan Alda approve? Hard to say, but hopefully it's a formidable enough aural action to keep Germaine Greer's piehole shut. It's no Crass, but then, what is?
This lp is an edition of 700. All copies include an insert & most come w/stickers suitable for bodily application. Step right up & order.

15$ ppd US
17$ ppd Canada
25$ ppd elsewhere

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Not Exactly A Singles Club, Then Again.....Beyond The Implode's 'This Atmosphere' 7" ep GONE

Incredulous as it may seem, Siltbreeze is proud to announce the release of a super limited 7" ep from the legendary Beyond The Implode; 4 tracks recorded (at home) by the band in 1979. Tracks 1 & 3 ('This Atmosphere' & 'Steel Car') were originally issued on the band's 1979 debut ep 'Last Thoughts' while tracks 2 & 4 ('Disperse The Clouds' + 'Mid Ad Version') have remained unheard & unreleased lo these many years. Astute fans will no doubt hear 'Mid Ad Version' & perhaps "see" it as an alternate take on 'Midnight Adventures' (found on Last Thoughts) & if so, count yourselves among the lucky ones. This project was sanctioned by BTI head honcho Eddie Smith who also provided the master tape & as such making this 100% legit, i.e., NOT A BOOTLEG. Released in a one time edition of 300 copies, this ep is solely available from this site; no distro's, mail-order or blackmail. Not yet anyway. Once it's gone, it's gone.