Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oopsy Does It!.....Coming To Terms With Raccoo-oo-oon

I dunno about you, but I never cottoned to this band on account of the name being so fuckin retarded. My loss? Perhaps, but that's the chance I took. I reckoned they'd be (more or less) like a midwestern Jackie-O Ldmotherhubbard & you know........Then I seen'em, even got a chance to listen to one of their records & it's pretty damn scary how dead on I was. But pointin the finger of blame too easy & in the end, solves nothing. If I've learned anything from this blog, it's to be tolerant. I figure it's best to 1st go back & retrace the history or roots of bands like Racoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooon before I decide to write'em off & thought maybe you'd like to come along. Let's start here;

or how about;

See what I mean? Once you understand, it's easier to be a judgemental asshoo-ooo-ole. Feel better? Me too-oo-ooo!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There Once Was A Band From Nantucket.....Even More 7" Reviews! As Limericks!

It's a deluge! I surrender! Really, I keep gettin more 'n more 7"ers for consideration & it's all's I can do to keep up. I ain't complainin, but this time I gotta farm'em out & since my ol buddy from Pittsburgh Lester (aka 'Ding Dong') Dell's in the house, the job goes to him. PGH's a funny place, some folk's from there make claims it's East Coast. So does that make St Louis the West Coast? Anyway, Ding Dong don't subscribe to no formal narrative, he's a limerick genius, so I gave him a bunch've records to see if he could pen some originals for us. Here's what he came up with;

Junior Makhno-Theatre Of The Macabre ep

Junior Makhno is some growlers from France
Grindcore has them caught in a trance
If you like broken bones
Harsh noise & metal moans
This might put a load in your pants

Racoo-oo-oon-Mud Mound + 2

This bunch hails from Iowa City
Where 'pussy' is still the name for a kitty
They try & sound weird
No doubt it's a beard
Drunk from eggnog sucked outta his grandma's titty

We Are The Arm-Cares ep

What kind of name is 'We Are The Arm'?
It's okay, no cause for alarm
This one is so good
You might even get wood
If your pecker was seduced by their charm

D. Charles Speer- Past Or Beyond/Canaanite Builder

Roland Woodbe wrote about D. Charles Speer
Whose LP he said was quite clear
Oh this single he goes
With darning needle & sews
Two Burl Ives mittens from the foreskin of Roosevelt Grier

Warmth/Yellow Swans-Split ep

This one's from a label in LA
Which in the future will be totally gay
Imagine Mr Spock
Fellating Captain Kirk's cock
While getting fucked by a Klingon deathray

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The 360 Sounds Of.....D. Charles Speer's "Some Forgotten Country' LP

I don't think I've listened to nothin from the No Neck Blues camp since...whew, hard to say. There's acorns what's growed into oaks in the period of time I'm talkin about. I got so's I didn't yin nor yang w/their.....aura. It weren't nothin personal, just seemed that we owned alot've the same records but they wanted to be'em & I didn't. It's like some of them Civil War buffs. They like to get dressed up, go out & have them reenactments. I'm happy just readin the books. That's the way the boat floats is all. There's been plenty of NNCK spinoffs or "side projects" over the yrs too, some I know, most I (probably) don't. For instance this lp from D. Charles Speer. On any other occasion I might ramble on about how he'd be a descendant of Albert Speer (you know, the great architect) or perhaps the black sheep of them singin christians, The Speer Family. But tucked inside was a letter from a fella named Dave Shuford what's a member of the No Neck's & this here is his (& I quote) "songwriting project". If you's wanna roll your eyes, it's okay. At face value it'd be easy to dismiss it as another hat tossed in the ring of the urban folkie trend & let's face it, it just ain't the same since they outlawed smokin in the coffee houses. But in his own way Shuford (as D. Charles Speer) has trancended what you might usually assume from most contempo stool sitters (Fahey worship, Celtic harmony, Buckley ache, etc.) & offers up a polished effort that's both left of & dead on center. You can tell the guy's been a dutiful student of the genre & there seems to be no one he ain't heard what hasn't seeped into his encyclopedic cranium. Ably separatin the wheat from the chafe, 'Some Forgotten Country' has been nothin short of a Goddamn pleasure to listen to on every spin. For me what seems prominent is a vocal resemblance to David Blue crossed w/the emotive & hypnotic intensity of Michael Chapman's guitar style. You might hear Cohen or Kristofferson, maybe even certain pluckers 'n players what recorded for Takoma, Riverboat or Vanguard. If that's what makes it work you, then so be it. But the main thing is IT WORKS. If you've been jonesin for a shot of Village Rye chased w/a pint of Cornish Ale, D. Charles Speer is a barkeep you need to get to know. Make his acquaintance here;

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hysterie Connective Acte Deux.....Blank Dogs 'The First Two Weeks" 12" EP

There's many pate's of sputtering electro-junk brimming from terrine's via la underground Francaise as of late. What's more, they's all seem to be baked in Chrome ovens, or at least one's assembled to approximate specifications. The same can be said for a bevy of other likeminded Rhinelanders as well.Not that it's a bad thing. Far from it. Keep the kids creeped out 'n rockin I says. So it was w/great interest & slight amusement to me when I picked up this here 12" from Blank Dogs-hailin (I think) from the Brooklyn area- and the 1st thing what come to mind was Metal Urbain. But that's 'cause I was spinnin the b-side. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. So I flipped it & wah la....I dunno, Dr. Mix or Metal Boys. How a fuckin 'bout that? Hell, even the name Blank Dogs seemed reminiscent of one of them early French Punk bands like Asphalt Jungle or Warm Gun or somethin. I had to laugh! While's all them over there is squirmin to command Edge/Creed like gruff, Blank Dogs done gone & cranked out this bristler of Debris/Schwartz studded grime. And I suspect it's the work of a lone marksman too. Which calls to mind another solo debut by a fella what called himself Big Black who yrs ago made a similar dramatic debut called 'Lungs'. I can't say if they's destined for a similar path-or that I'd wanna see'em head that direction-but so far Blank Dogs is blankin the competiton & this kinda heat don't show up to the park every day. Limited edition of 490, hand numbered & screened too, get'em at;

Monday, May 14, 2007

Little Boxes Made Of Wicky Wacky....More 7" Reviews!

I hope all of you's out there had a wonderful Mothers Day. Naturally mine was spent rakin in the $$ as a caterer for some swank brunch affair sponsored by the Mario Lanza Museum down to South Phila. There was lot's of sausage 'n peppers, baked ziti & the like, but the 1st things to go was the rattlesnake enchilada's & the whiting roe mousse on unleavened toast points. I threw them in to sort've mix things up but they was scarfed down in record time. There's talk of sponsorin me for a cookin show on the Food Network 'cause of it. I was flattered but demurred sayin I couldn't possibly accept the offer as I had this here blog to run. I sure didn't want to disrespect'em but I also didn't wanna betray the readers of Siltblog so I invited them patrons to come on board! Now I don't expect'em to pick right up w/the theme but you never know. I was tryin to explain 7ers" after brunch but most of the women blushed & giggled while the men just winked & clapped. I know what they mean, I keep hearin how the format is dead, but folks still make'em. And as long as they send'em along, I'll listen. Here's what I heard;

Wicked Poseur-Maybe Eliminator + 3 ep
Debut release on a new label called Enduring Self, WP is the nom de plume for one Arthur Bates. I gotta admit, I was a little worried this might sound like that song 'Norman Bates' by Landscape but thankfully that weren't the case. It's as dense as a box of Crackjacks w/it's synth blips 'n sync bumps & seems to fog up the lines between Gaz Numan's leather wit & L. Voag's tweedish wisdom. It's a mess've thetics for sure.

Touched-Funeral Dress + 3 ep
The Black Velvet Fuckere bunch've gone & got all punked off on this one. Good & grizzled in a way that practically STINKS of 1981, I had to look twice to be sure this weren't on the Vomit label. Now I ain't thought about the Gynecologists for many yrs, but somethin on here sure makes me think that Tommy Afterbirth or Simon Scrotum is around & kickin. Hmmmm....could be, could be. If John Sharkey ever makes good on releasin The Master Tape Vol. 3, he could do worse than have Touched lead the assault. Okay, so they're no Malignant Growth but neither are you. So can it! Ain't no distro on this that I can find, try for more info.
THIS JUST IN; order via If you don't see it listed, no need to fret, he's got'em.

Tyvek/Cygnus split

Tyvek is one of my favorite bands of the moment not just on account that they's good but also they's seemingly embody the spirit of Happy Squid more than any other skeleton snuffers out there hoofin the terra firma. On this split job they drop the Urinals-like smash & gas out on a nitrous-laced popper that could almost be a Vidiots horizontal hazer buried somewhere on a lost New Underground comp. I ain't got no idea who Cygnus is-for all I know it's Tyvek in lab coats-but they got the woozy waddle of a (Dennis) Duck & my human hands can't stop applaudin the effort. A tour only 7" supportin the Tyvek/Cheveu WC tour happenin right now. Go to & see what's what.

ICK-La Parade des sans Illusions ep

If nothin else, Ick shows us that it ain't just the French what's got a boner for Edge/Creed attaque panique, but the Dutch is firin up the analog synths & junk boxes too. But even more than that, Ick seem bore outta the same womb of shrapneled frenzy as pre Mute DAF or Alu though w/less reliance on guitars 'n drums for desired results. Call me an f-duddy if you must, but I like the sting of both as they gnash w/electronics though I got nary a complaint to lodge (on here). If that LP by Ich Bin gassed up your goose, then the Ick 7" oughta give you the followup bumps. Great handmade packaging, limited to a #'rd ed. of 300, available via;

Slicing Grandpa-Chaos Midnight 10"
I'm prone to compare Slicing Grandpa to Smegma not just 'cause of their geographic proximity but also it seems that SG is about as easy to catch onto as Smegma was back in the halcyon days. Believe it or not but it took a while for Smegma to reap the garlands of acceptance outside the avant garde/noise scene before (even beyond) Dom released 'Smell The Remains' in the late 80's. But they was undeterred & released thickets of scrud on their Pigface imprint. Early Slicing Grandpa outings rekindled the sweet smell've likeminded decay & I'd have bet every ant in the farm that they got a few more yrs of sloggin it out before tenure, but after hearin this amazing 10", maybe tomorrow is today. On 'Chaos Midnight' there ain't a pig or leper to be found. Instead this bludgeon's 'n blares like Joe Potts & Vetza teamin up w/Nervous Gender to spill some blood on the floor. They ain't takin names but definitely is kickin asses so don't miss the boot on this one. Contact; or order from & see if you rate.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

21st Century Schizoid Zeuhl.....Whose Your Favorite Son, God?'s 'Out Of Body Diva'LP

Lot's of folks been writin & askin where I've been & what's the deal w/the layoff 'n all. I appreciate the concern, but my whereabouts & doings is secret. If I told you then I have to kill you. People all's the time say that in jest (& when is it not funny?) but I'm afraid on my account, it's true. The other one what folks is fond of goes 'you don't want to know'. On the subject of ME, I concur. You don't. All's I can tell you is that it's a diabolical world out there & all them conspiracy theories...well, they ain't ALL theories. While I was away on "vacation" I had a talk off the record w/this fella what's called a "Kennedy Chaser". You know the type, assassination issues, single bullet or not, Castro, Mafia, etc. Hell, I wasn't there! But I know some things, trust me. I told him straight up, 'what I'm about to say you won't believe'. That got his attention! I then proceeded to spill the beans about how not only was Jimmy Hoffa still alive, but he was operatin w/JFK's brain. That's right. This case was called "Operation Scotch Egg'. A secret offshoot of the CIA had taken Hoffa & cryogenically froze him, then when JFK was killed, they's switched brains (the whereabouts of Hoffa's real one remains unknown, even to me). It wasn't a plan, just an elaborate sick joke w/legs. As you's all are probably familiar with, the FBI & CIA despised both of'em. They put Hoffa 'on ice' (ha!) to shut him up, then when that snuff in Dallas happened, someone thought they'd have themselves a hoot.Seein as how we had all kind's of Nazi doctors on the payroll, it weren't nothin to have one of'em do this operation. A litte nip here, a tuck there & presto. Cruel? Eh. Unusual? To say the least. All's I knowed is there was some serious BALLS to pullin that one off. Once the transplant took, they went & unloaded this "experiment" somewhere's up to Canada, new identity, papers, background, the whole bit. I think the new life took a bit to catch on. I heard tell of him gettin into all kind've trouble w/women & booze. I mean, you can see how that's be a problem; it's Kennedy's brain & Hoffa's body. Only now he's Mr. So&so. Can you imagine the things he was sayin? Woosh! I think he was institutionalized at one point. Anyway, long story short; he got reprogrammed & is now a functionary somewhere's deep in the GWB administration. Well, this Kennedy Chaser was all about this. Once he got it down on paper he was outta the room & on a plane to WDC faster than you could say 'Grassy Knoll' ( I also told him LBJ's codename was EL BJ. I'm anxious to see if that one turns up).
So anyways, that's a little of what I was up to. I'll tell ya, one LP what got alot've play while I was gone was the debut by Whose Yor Favorite Son, God? & man is it a keeper! See'em live down to SXSW was great, but the record fans the flames of hybridized (post)Prog-swoggle & (proto) Metal-mania like just about nobody else. What w/this talk about brain transplants 'n all, WYFSG? could almost be described as a union of Magma (mind) & MX-80 Sound (matter). I don't know about you, but I was jonesin to hear somethin SCREAMIN after 'Crowd Conrol' (to no avail) & hey, if Christian Zander had kidnapped Rich Stim & Bruce Anderson, perhaps 'Attahk' might've sounded as rad as this album. WYFSG? ably combine the dramatic & operatic pretense of Magma w/the cool, aggressive delivery of MX-80 Sound & if your thinkin 'that's somethin I gotta hear' your right. My Mom (remember her?) says they sound like Mahavishnu Orchestra should've if they were MEN (once you hear this you'll know what she means). Even the little Greek dude who delivers my beer opined "everything that Heavy The World isn't, Whose Your Favorite Son, God? IS". And who am I to argue w/a Greek? They invented civilization buster! What have you ever done?
And now the facts; distribution on this seems TOP SECRET, so try going direct to the label at to get in on the action. They's only made enough for 500 lucky devil's (some in handscreened outer bags as pictured) so hurry!