Monday, February 21, 2011

Dan Melchior-Assemblage Blues lp.....Available NOW

If nothin else, the 'Assemblage Blues' found on this here new Dan Melchior lp sees our hero revellin in a tableaux thats as far away from the Kentish curds of Medway twang as a Carolina Hush Puppy is from a Boston Butt. Though what is interestin about this rasher of fried tuneage is how Dan's done gone & conjured up a brilliantly abstract narrative that's almost like a displaced tellin of The Canterbury Tales. Is it them whiskey biscuits, or can I hear fragments in the tellin on 'Atomizer' that reminds me of the one whats told by the Knight in the books beginnin? And on goes, right through to 'Breadbin Wailing' which is more or less the Parson's Tale w/a black crow (lit up to look white). Now I admit, I am one for fancy & have been known to channel my parchedness via goblets 'n steins've all distillations in the spirit world, but stamp my fanny & call me Temperance Tad if this stunnin set've songs ain't about the best squadron of aces what's flown onto the Siltbreeze tarmac since The Shadow Ring's 'Put The Music In It's Coffin' & Jim Shepard's 'Picking Through The Wreckage With A Stick'. There wit, there's whimsy, by jove, there's darkness, recollection & revenge too. It's all manner of the human condition. Don't bottle it! It'll only blow up in your face, too pure, like greased lightnin. Why it'll melt that wallet chain right clean off them scuffy jeans of yours, I'm a tell you what. Yep, anyway you look at it Dan's gone won the blue ribbon with 'Assemblage Blues'. So pony up & have a slug.It's here to coddle your cream, but GOOD!

Roland Woodbe, Expert Mixologist

This is an edition of 500 lp's,includes free download card as well.PLEASE NOTE; a portion of all blog sales for this release will go to the Letha Melchior Donation fund.

Prices are;

15$ ppd USA
18$ ppd Canada
25$ ppd Europe
28$ ppd Australasia

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