Friday, September 29, 2006

A Disc Even A Mother Can Love.....Kousokuya's 'Live At Minor 1979/10/14' CD

Got this voice message bright & early today. A doctor once told me if she ever removes her ear from the ground she will die. There are worse ways to go:

Hello Roland-

This is your mother, how are you dear? Just calling to check in & see how things are going up there in the big city. Do you still have your cats? Remember, they are pets. Don't eat them (laughter)! Oh Roland, you are a good sport. What's new here; well, your aunt Nutter & I got our Costco cards in the mail last week then went over & spent a small fortune stocking up. I sent you a big box of socks & toilet paper via UPS. Has it arrived yet? There's also some venison jerky in there from that deer your uncle Dink bagged last season. Don't let it go to waste! Let' see, what else....oh, I just got a box of cd's from the fella that's sweet on me at PSF. His note's are so cute, I mean, his English is terrible, but yet the things he says he want to do to lord! I guess you don't have to be Samuel Johnson to know where to put one (laughter)! Goodness, anyway, I've only gotten around to playing this live Kousokuya from '79 because I can't stop listening to it. It is amazing. Whatever hype & stuttering hyperbole you have read or heard about it...all true. It is way more aimless, looser & less sludge obsessed than previous outings you may know from 90's incarnations. I mean, on here they're just going for it, like running through a gauntlet, the whole idea is to get to the end, any way it takes. Don't you love that? I sure do. What can I say to convince you? It starts out with some free form berserkness, kind of like Throbbing Gristle performing an exorcism on a copy of Space Ritual. There's lot's of bleeps, jagged shards & impulsive blabber, then it's onto track 2 that sounds like demos for the Plastic Eno Band, from there it careens into some damaged corner of blurred cognizance where the jammy tracks off the Falling Spikes bootleg are worshipped adoringly, i.e., not unlike that tape you sent me of the second UN lp that remains unreleased. Tell that idiot boss of yours to wake the hell up! Son, you cannot continue to work for a man without vision. I won't stand for it. Now go & buy this cd, right now! Do whatever you have to but get a copy. Sell those cat's to some restaurant in Chinatown-ANYTHING-just don't miss out on this number. I hope you have a great day. We miss you. Be well.

Mother Woodbe

(Live At Minor is available via

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Drunk On The Cloudberries Of Lapponia.....Es' 'Sateenkaarisuudelma' Dbl LP

Allow me a moment to rant & say that you couldn't find a person less likely to endorse the parlour scene than I. Sorry folks, not my bag. I have a big problem w/the reverential nature of the thing, I feel like I'm in a Dianetics workshop or something. Believe me, you get "shushed" in those things but good (I should know, I was once a counselor). Yeah, it's too culty & the undercurrent is so.....clique-ish & besides, most of the performances I've seen just seem like dopey attempts to reenact (someone's idea of) a peyote ceremony or-even worse-recreate the magician/magic show from some long ago birthday party. I mean, c'mon, let's take that shit to a bar! At least I can go in the other room, have a drink in peace & listen as the tuneage wafts through the venue. I don't need to park my ass into a folding chair & staple my eyes open to watch it performed. I might even want to talk, ask a question perhaps, without someone blowing a fuse that the space isn't completely quiet.But that's me.The Holly Hobbie's, LL Beaners & trust fund bohemians can have their tea parties. I simply want to hear the music. I don't need to see it to be appreciative.Which brings me to this double lp by Es. These smurfs & smurfettes may've played here in town, I got no idea. I doubt I've have gone anyways. Not to say I didn't miss somethin, it was probably a right nice time, but then along comes this splendorous package from the (K-RAA-K)3 label & we're all even up! From what I can gather, Es is the moniker for a Finnish fella by the name've Sami & this is his forth lp, done-in part-w/the help of a few friends.I get the impression-gleaned from the few notes written on the lovely printed inserts as well as the titles on the spine-that this is a trilogy, broken up into 3 parts; Sateenkaarisuudelma, Maailmankaari & Pianokaari. It is a lovely & mesmerizing opus which effortlessly calls to mind-at any given time-the looping dervishes of Terry Riley, an unreleased Alice Coltrane session for ECM, Asmus Tietchens soundtrack adaptation for 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull', the incidental keyboard meanderings of a mischievous Herman Blount & the creaking mandalas of Limbus 4. It can most certainly warm up a room, even if I'm the only person in it, talking or not. Find it in the US at:
or elsewhere try


I know, I know, another list. But this one ain't your average, run-of-the-mill fanboy kind. Oh no. What I done is list 100 albums I looked at yesterday in a used bin. It's more a test of my memory than anything else. See, I take these Ginkgo Biloba tablets all the time & I wanted to see if they's actually any count. So I'm gonna flood the memory banks now & remember 100 lp's that I seen through the course of the day. It'll be like that automatic writin that WB Yeats' wife did but different. It's only fair to say that some of these records I ain't never heard of, let alone heard! Some I might even own & the rest, well, I understand why they was orphaned. So in no particular order, let's get started (I'll try & recall the labels too):

1) The Band-S/T (Columbia)
2) Andy Gibb-Flowing Rivers (RSO)
3) Ramsey Lewis-Prime Cuts (Columbia)
4) Jerry Jeff Walker-Jerry Jeff (Electra)
5) Chico De Barge-Talk To Me 12" (Motown)
6) The New King James Version-This Joy (Light)
7) Marshall Crenshaw-s/t (WB)
8) Ten Yrs After-Sssh (London)
9) Paul McCartney-McCartney (Apple)
10) Poison Girls-Songs Of Praise (CD)
11) David Bryce-Avant Garde Piano (Candide)
12) Loudon Wainwright III-T Shirt (Arista)
13) Julien Clerc-Julien (EMI/Canada)
14) Etta James-Best Of (United)
15) Evergreen Blues-Comin On (ABC)
16) George Benson-Livin Inside Yr Love (dbl lp, WB)
17) Alice Cooper-School's Out (WB)
18) Johnny Mathis-Theme From Mahogany (Columbia)
19) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Your Gonna Get It (Arista)
20) The Godz-Nothing Sacred (Casablanca)
21) Dexter Wansel-What The World Is Comin To (CBS)
22) Voyage-Fly Away (Marlin)
23) Gloworm-I Lift My Cup 12" (Pulse)
24) Nikki Giovanni-Like A Ripple On A Pond (Nikton)
25) Jive Bunny & The Master Mixers-Swing The Mood 12" (Atco)
26) Color Me Gone-s/t (A&M)
27) Slave-Stone Jam (Cotillion)
28) Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (WB)
29) Tom Browne-Yrs Truly (Arista)
30) Led Zeppelin-Zozo (Atlantic)
31) Willie Hutch-One To My Lady (Motown)
32) Al Caiola-Tuff Guitar (UA)
33) Fatback-Hot Box (Polydor)
34) Seawind-s/t (CTI)
35) Pure Prairie League-Bustin Out (RCA)
36) Bunny Drums-Feathers Web 12" (Funk Dungeon)
37) Andrew Dice Clay-Dice (Def American)
28) Montana-I Love Music (Atlantic)
29) Cass Elliot-Mama's Big Ones (ABC Dunhill)
30) Lighthouse-s/t (RCA)
31) Nektar-Magic Is A Child (Polydor)
49) Chicago-Live At Carnegie Hall 4 vol set (Columbia) *I realize this is four lp's, but it feels like ten!
50) Fleshtones-American Beat 12" (IRS)
51) The Smothers Brothers-Mom Always Liked You Best! (Mercury)
52) Brook Benton-Home Style (Cotillion)
53) Barbara Streisand-Simply Barbara (Columbia)
54) Strapping Fieldhands-Wattle & Daub (Shangri La)
55) David Fanshane-Arabian Fantasy (EMI)
56) The Spy Who Loved Me-Soundtrack (UA)
57) Denis Coffey-Goin For Myself (Sussex)
58) Eric Burdon & The Animals-Greatest Hits (Polydor)
59) Yes-Fragile (Atlantic)
60) Phil Collins-Face Value (Atlantic)
61) Pretenders-Get Close (Sire)
62) Men At Work-Cargo (Columbia)
63) Argent-All Together Now (Epic)
64) Starship-Knee Deep In The Hoopla (Grunt)
65) Quarterflash-s/t (Geffen)
66) Joseph Haydn-Symphonies N0. 45 & 42 (Decca)
67) Joan Baez-5 (Vanguard)
68) Pilot-s/t (RCA)
69) Jose Feliciano-Fireworks (RCA)
70) The Leather Uppers-Bright Lights (Goner)
71) Dave Brubeck Quartet-Time Out (Columbia)
72-Richard Lloyd-Field Of Fire (Mistlur pressing)

Jesus fuckin CHRIST! Is that it? Shit, I felt like my brain was gonna explode! Man, what a bunch of useless knowledge! Why the fuck ANYONE would WANT to do shit like that for fun or worse, bragging rights, is beyond me. Now that I'm lookin at it I only got to 72. It felt like seven hundred & two. Wow! It was all comin to me fast & furious, then they started blendin in w/the cd's & singles I was gettin suffocating. I need to go lay down. I guess that Ginkgo stuff works. Remind me to leave that shit the fuck alone. Do they have pills that make you forget or am I gonna have to buy some weed? The next list I wanna see better be for a run over to Canal's Liquor's 'cause that's where I'm headed. Now where did I put that pen? I think I'm about to lose my fucking mind. Do I know how to fuck a day in the ass or what? Don't answer that!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Men Don't Cry, They Sing.....Alvaro's 'I'm Not So Young Anymore/Watching The Fridge Defrost' 7"

Keepin our little South American theme intact-this time by way of Chile-I just wanted to peck out a few words in regards to Alvaro. Maybe you know him maybe you don't-he certainly ain't for everybody-but if your in the throes of embracing the 'real people' music trend, then you best brush up on this dude & quick.
Here are some perfunctory notes regarding Alvaro Pena-Rojas; he's known as "The Chilean with the singing nose" (wouldn't you like to know), came to London in '74 & formed (w/Joe Strummer) the 101ers, released his 1st lp 'Drinkin My Own Sperm' on his own Squeaky Shoes label in 1977 which is namechecked on the Nurse With Wound list. Not an easy record to wrap a brain around, let's just say it's a dedicated mixture of naïf experimental, classical & strained pop. Or as Alvaro himself refers to it, Transitional Music. In a nutshell sort of like Wildman Fischer & Charlemagne Palestine locked in a studio. Since then he's put out a bunch've other releases, all of which are fantastically singular, diverse & entertaining. While they may not share alot in common musically, I've come to regard Alvaro w/the same mythic respect that I hold for Moondog. That's just how I roll.On this 7"-done to celebrate his 50th birthday-Alvaro goes busker; his tunesmithing on the a-side recalls the more chuffed moments in the Bonzo Dog Band repertoire while the flipside is reminiscent of the eccentric strum/croon ala Tony Snell via his lp on ESP-Disk. So why am I bothering to write about a record that's 13 yrs old? Because besides it bein a cool, highly unregarded record, it's also AVAILABLE & worth the 6$ it'll cost for those who wanna take the plunge. Personally I haven't had a session w/the man in a few yrs & last week said what the hell? & decided to fork over some hush money I'd been savin & blow it on Alvaro records. And I ain't sorry I did. Distributed (in the US) exclusively by Fusetron there's plenty Alvaro in stock to keep your head spinning morning, noon & night. Go to or if your wary, check out the Alvaro website at; & hit the downloads. Let the revival start now! Viva Alvaro!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Embrace The Herd.....Las Malas Amistades's 'Jardin Interior' 3X7" LP

Harkening back to my days in the intelligence community, I wanted to share w/you all this....."review"...from a couple've code talkers whose chat room I've been monitorin in the interest of, uh, national security. Let's see what's goin on:

Vee_8_Cong:so what's your opinion of siltblog?

Pun_G_Styx: it's ok. why doesn't he do a top 100 list (LOL)?

V8C: i don't think he can count that far (LOL)!

PGS:he would have to find 100 records that he liked 1st.

V8C:yea, that could prove to be a problem.

PGS:at least it's about new stuff.


PGS: but sumtimes i beat him to the punch.

V8C: oh?

PGS: yea. do you know the band las malas amistades?

V8C: no. what are they about?

PGS: they are from colombia.

V8C: university?

PGS: no dummy, the country in south america!

V8C: duh, sorry.

PGC: cocaine, drug cartels, juan valdez.....hello?

V8C: okay, okay! i get it. so wht's up with this band?

PGS: they are excellent. they have a new triple 7" release out that is called 'jardin interior' & it's my favorite record right now.

V8C: is it like belle & sebastian?

PGS: is your mom?

V8C: gay!

PGS: you are!

V8C: no really, what is it like? are they new?

PGS: kind of new. this is their 3rd release. they have 2 releases on cd prior to this.

V8C: do tell?

PGS: yea. when i bought one of their cd's in new york city, the guy behind the counter tried to tell me it was like a cross between serge gainsbourg & os mutantes.

V8C: wow, brunch music (LOL)!

PGS: but it's not. it kinda is, maybe. but that's just nyc talk.

PGS: (LOL) yea, brunch music! 20$ for pancakes!

V8C: so what is the real deal with this band?

PGS: it's hard to say for sure. to me, they almost recall old minimalist uk pop. sort of like young marble giants.

V8C: really?! that sounds cool.

PGS: but not ymg per se. more like a cross between weekend & the gist. with a little steve beresford thrown in for good measure.

V8C: sounds awesome!

PGS: maybe like a modern take on the 49 americans. in spanish.

V8C: it's getting better & better.

PGS: really. it would have fit perfectly in the piano records catalog or on the choo choo train label. they are really cool.

V8C: sounds like it to me.

PGS: you should see the package too.

V8C: okay, let's have it?

PGS: it's an amazing fold out box w/printed lyrics, photos & artwork, with 3 individual handscreened insert/sleeves & all the 7" ep's have stunning & eye popping colored labels. it is quite the number.

V8C: fck, i gotta grab one of these before it's too late. who carries it?

PGS: i would try 1st. it's on a label called honest jon's & i think all that stuff comes through fe.

V8C: ok thanks. wow, i can't wait. how long do you think before it's on siltblog?

PGS: like, never.

V8C: why?

PGS: you know why.

V8C: gay?

PGS: like, totally (LOL)!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charm City Don't Need No Pity.....Leprechaun Catering's 'Male Plummage' LP

Sorry for bein so delinquent w/my opinionatin. I was servin jury duty & sequestered in one of them Holiday Inn Express hotels. Right nice accomodations 'n everything,the cinnamon rolls & hard boiled eggs they put out for breakfast each mornin was quite enjoyable. I've had worse coffee too. There was a game room with an air hockey table that was a mess've fun till I got so good that none of the other jurors could beat me & quit playin. As far as I'm concerned, they was all GUILTY of bein lame. As for the trial, it's nothin to get worked up about (some fella was suin his neighbor because of a loud air conditioner. I stayed awake for most of it).Thank God that's over. I was tickled pink to get home & resume my daily what-have-you. There was a couple boxes of records waitin for me so the other night we had some folks over & commenced to playin some of'em. Ironically, the one I didn't spin-this here lp by Leprechaun Catering-seemed to command the most attention. Before I could put it on, my upstairs neighbor "Red" (on account of the birthmark on his neck) gave it a gander, held it up, made this Jo Anne Worley face & said sarcastically 'I bet this is good!" From then it got passed around & everybody had their little laugh 'n petty comment. I dunno, I kinda like it. It reminds me of that actor David Lochary from them John Waters movies. Which is funny, cause Leprechaun Catering is from Baltimore & nothin says Charm City more than John Waters. And let's be honest here, where else of the east coast would you be likely to find leprechaun caterers? I'm serious. Ever been to Baltimore? It's got some weird shit goin on. I can almost envision a building stuccoed w/graham cracker where many petite figgy puddings, mince meat pies & smoked salmon canapés are churned out at an inhuman volume. Leprechauns know one thing & it's work. Or is that elves? Leprechauns, elves, same difference! That said, the duo known as Leprechaun Catering put their collective nose to the grindstone on this top notch lp that speaks to me in tongues once reserved for records/artists from past worlds like Metalanguage, Parachute & Random Radar. The one fella on here, Jason Willett, I know from work w/Half Japanese, that Jaunties box on Stomach Ache & other 7"ers I'm too lazy to go & check out. The other one, Tom Boram, is a mystery-as is who plays what-but that's okay 'cause it smokes like a box've florescent lightbulbs launched from a cannon & exploding into the side of my head. Great crackled & glittering diy improv damage & quite possibly the greatest bucket of gunk to claim Maryland as a home state since 'The Zombies Of Mora-Tau' stalked the beaches of yore. On the excellent White Denim label & limited to 326 #rd copies. Get it at;

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Cold Clamey Bombing.....Homostupids 'The Brutal Birthday' 7" ep

I have been gettin email sputtering's from simps 'n soph's alike who seem to have a bee in their collective bonnet over the band, Homostupids. And it's got nary to do w/the music, but solely on account of the name. It is know.....mind numbing what people can find to complain about. I'm assuming the insinuation is that the name presumes anti Gay sentiment, i.e., homophobia. question; why bother me about it? Sure, I am regarded as a 'homme d'esprit' but hardly would I consider myself in the league of 'homo faber'. I am merely a homo sapien, nothing more. If anything I subscribe to the old Latin adage, "Homunculi quanti sunt". You know what I mean? Let's not lose track of the bottom line here people, THIS BAND IS FROM CLEVELAND! The name is rife w/self deprecation. Have you ever been there? It's sorta like Helsinki, Finland but w/a pronounced Great Lakes accent (not as bad as Michigan or Chicago, but close). And like all the Helsinkians I met, Clevelanders LOVE to drink. In both cities you'll see the goobs go through 5 classic stages've chug-a-lug in the course of a night; Euphoric, Defensive, Wanton, Maudlin & finally, Oblivious. Even the abandon has no abandon. It can make for some precipitous highs 'n lows to be sure. So what's in a name? If they was Finnish they'd be called Inhimillinen Tyhma, or somethin there abouts. Sure looks cool! But enough about the goddamn name. This is the 2nd 7" the Homostupids have released this yr & while the 1st one might've filled the void left since Iron Cross slammed into the cement, this one practically recalls Chrome's hallucinatory transformation from demi-god to deity in the sonic, thunderous moments between Alien Soundtracks & Half Machine Lip Moves. Word has it that these tracks actually precede those laid down on their debut & as good as that is, I prefer the yak off this one a whole lot more. And it's all there on one side too, 6 tracks worth. No flipping! I can't say that I know just whose carryin this, but it's a good bet that all the usual suspects oughta have it by now. If your in a hurry though, do it the old fashion way, write; Richie Records, c/o GENERAL DELIVERY, Phila, Pa 19146. Who knows? Philadelphia ain't no Hooterville, but it ain't no Mount Pilot either. It just might work.

THIS JUST IN: Richie Records has a blog site from which you can purchase this 7" + some other rad swag. Check out:
to find out more.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Did I Mention Charlie Nothing?.....Jack Rose's 'Untitled I & II' 7" ep

When I got this record I must've stared at it for what seemed like an eternity. That's 'cause I was catapulted via flashbacks to past life experiences (of my own doin). Immediately I was reminded of that Ike Yard 'Night After Night' ep from the early 80's. Remember it? That was some minimalist electro-synth action for sure. Then my brain got to spinnin like a blender full've daiquiri & as I opened my eyes I felt like I was holdin the Gordons 'Future Shock' ep again, circa, back in the old days. What a pounder that one was! A 1st rate shit kicker. And yet nobody knew. Emmitt, the one-legged mushroom forager that get's me my Morels had a look at it & said it reminded him of Flying Saucer Attack. Not the band either! So I stabbed him. Ha! Just kidding (actually, he fell on the knife, but he claims I pushed him. Good luck w/that one Emmitt! It'll never hold up in court). Basically what I'm sayin is cover's like this one-w/blurred urban landscapes or UFO's zippin around or whatever-hold a certain mystique. You assume the bands what's represented by said artwork can morph 'n cloak at a moment's notice & maybe that's true. But if you don't need to, why bother? Like 'Night After Night' & 'Future Shock', w/'Untitled I & II you get what you get. No masks, no capes, the energy emitted is strictly skin + steel. It just feels super powerful 'cause it already is. Jack Rose's abilities as a string bender precede him & w/good reason. On this ep his opening timbre is august, his chords channeling the wind like an Anemoi, gusting across both sides at a spirited & soothing pace. It's as warm & welcome as a June rain. Folk's is always comparin Jack to sombody, but I forget who. Is it Rick Ruskin? I don't think so. Cal Hand? That don't sound right. Tut Taylor? Could be. Colin Winsky? Are you kiddin? Whoever it is, I believe it's about time said comparison took a nap. Jack Rose is sittin in the catbird seat on his own & it's a fine spot to pick a guitar as well as a nice vantage to check out all the bother. Wait a minute, is it Rollo Smith? Nope. Shit! It'll come to me one of these days. In the meantime, check out this ep via
it's a #rd edition of 500 & sure to be gone before you can say 'Mike Condello' (that ain't it neither).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Law Is The Ultimate Science.....Sapat's 'Tongue-Tied & Staid' 7" ep

For the sake of tryin to spike this morning w/a dose of vinegar, I gotta admit my wonderment as to why the horns 'n hardwires from the Louisville collective (sometimes) known as the Black Velvet Fuckere seem so distant. On the surface they possess all the killer b's (beards, ballcaps, banjos) to step onto the tarmac for a New Weird America space launch, but yet somehow-thankfully-they have not bought into the illusion/delusion of folding into space that seems predominate with niche bands & bozo's whose zipcodes begin with 0, 1 or 9. Also, they don't seem to reap the perks of the heavy petting & finger-banging from the virtual Shaddam Corrino's or Guild Navigator's so prevalent on the (coastal) hipster "scene". Landlocked & Midwestern, they have a smattering of homemade money (i.e. tapes, cdr's) in circulation, but it pales in comparison to most of their less disciplined, unfocused contemporaries. Rightly or wrongly, I think these BVF folks have to actually work for a living, you know, hold down jobs, punch a clock, live off a paycheck. Sure, it kills the Sunday late night jams & makes tourin virtually impossible, but I can think of worse things (livin on the street for one). However, the upside is havin the cash to plonk down for "real" product, like the Valley of The Ashes triple lp, the Uncle Jim & Phantom Family Halo album's & this new 7" from Sapat.
Now when I seen Sapat sometime last yr, they was playin in the sauna room of a converted gymnasium in Maysville, KY for a KTGA benefit (Kentucky Tobacco Growers Association). Like I said, the "part" look they had down (part Hatfield, part McCoy) & the lineup was as an octet-just like some of them outfits hailin outta MA or NYC-& when they commenced to playin it was focused & intense. Never did the action "peak" so's one of'em could destroy a set of drums'n then dance in a fit of spontaneous"free interpretation", nor were there any members crawlin outta the audience to caterwaul into a mike like a raccoon w/a yeast infection. They harnessed some serious kosmiche energy w/o any noticable trace of irony or aspiration for inner circle acceptance. It was simply what they did & they hammered it like John Henry. And now here comes this 7" & it too features the octet lineup but it don't evoke the same fresh water Can flavor that I recall from suddenly last summer. Rather, this seems more like what I imagine a jammy time at Indica Gallery might've sounded like when Zapple artist's congregated for a meet 'n greet. Hint's of Elephant's Memory, Plastic Ono & Brute Force abound. The waft of patchouli, incense & hashish is palpable. Barry Miles might not agree, but fuck him, Hippie ain't no real way to go through life. It is artifice, an embodiment of the modern instinct which is basically a license to glut & suck. Rousseau said something like "it is difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living." Ya hear me? Sapat, however, are in the throes of Arcadian splendor; their scene unspoiled, their music-golden. I know....anything is possible & if I ever see a hoglist bearin their name, full've bogus homebake swag ala Acid Mother's Temple (among others) I'll know they packed it in, but right now, they are nestled firmly in the hand of the creator. And since I'm all about the here & now, that suits me to a T.
('Tongue-Tied & Staid is available via
or email to find out more).

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Easy In The House.....Flak Mask's 'Comb Over And Over Again' 7" ep

Woke up this mornin to find this 7" from a band called Flak Mask pushed through my mail slot. How they knowed my address is a mystery, unless maybe they's buds w/Dimes 'n Piehole (that's my guess). Attached to the cover was a note what read "Here. Sorry, we couldn't stay for supper." Presumptuous I know, but I thought it was funny too, especially seein as how I ain't likely to be around for supper neither. A couple months back we entered our Siamese, John Odom, in a contest to be the spokesmodel for Skipper Catfood & I found out last night the fucker won! Their rep was blabbin in my ear somethin fierce; directions to the shoot (Vineland, NJ where they's hq'd), his costume, arrival time (noon, today), the whole bit. I figured best get there early since A), I got no idea where I'm goin & B), this cat ain't one much for wearin accessories, so we might have a time. Shit, "Blue Moon" (that's his nickname) don't even like sportin a collar, so I don't how they is gonna doll him up w/a skipper's hat, ascot & little cat sunglasses & expect him to sit for it. A ham he is not. It oughta be a sight though! And what a cat & a yacht have to do w/eatin a can of catfood is beyond me, but I ain't no Madison Avenue genius-nor am I eatin the shit-that's a question for philosopher's 'n economist's to wrestle with. I'm just takin the money's all (100$ smackers). So while's MG is gettin him ready for his brush w/the big time, I figured the least I could do was give this record a good goin over.
It sure is a pretty lookin package to start, what w/the handmade cover, silkscreened insert & front sticker. The sounds emitted from the grooves in the vinyl are tippy-top too, a nice balance of exemplary knob 'n petal extrapolations akin to those found throughout the cream of the Finnish underground crossed w/the narcoleptic, atmospheric langour-froth emitted by some've Brooklyn's bossest suitcase rockers. It's called 'Comb Over And Over Again' which is what's happenin right now to Blue Moon Odom as he sit's & stares at the turntable (did I mention he's cross-eyed?). He seems to like what he's hearin & so do I. So drop'em a line at; Trd w/d, POB 52096, Now Orleans, LA 70152. They got free cassettes too. Or check out;
Either way, it's all ipso facto & whathaveyou 'n whatnot.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Taking What They Giving Cause I'm Working For A Livin....Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Yes, the Labor Day weekend is suddenly upon us. My plans include....let's see.....not much! I will be attending & competing in the 10th annual Hare Hassenfeffer cookoff out to the old drive-in up on Street Rd (I think it's in Glenside, but to tell ya the truth, all them suburbs is alike to me). There's a fella always comes what make's his own pilsner (good!) & another name've Werner (we call him Weiner though, really get's his ass in a knot) that brews a doozy of a Barvarian styled smoked beer (it's best w/wurst's 'n cheeses). Anyway, they asked me to bring a tape of various 7"ers to play durin the awards ceremony (as I am a shoe in, just like last yr) so this is how I've been spendin my mornin. Have a good one!

Chain Gang-Cannibal Him/My Fly
Anorexia-Rapist In The Park ep
The Four Plugs-Wrong Treatment/Biking Girl
The Stabs-The Woods ep
Home Blitz-Apocalyptic 2005 A.D. ep
Korpus Kristi-Ausgesetzt/Stadt Der Blauen Eier
Mothmen-Does It Matter Irene?/Please Let Go
Froberg-Breathless ep
Bigfoot-Discovered ep
Razor Penguins-Paris/Indifference
Blurt-The Fish Needs A Bike/This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir
Mikey Wild & The Mess-I Hate New York/Die, Die, Die
Accursed-Goin Down/I Didn't Mean It
White Stains-The Energy/Phase Of Madness
The GTC-Columbus & His Robot Army ep
Project 197-s/t ep
Dayshift-Living In The U.K. ep
The Rebel-Bums On A Rock ep
Major Stars-Black Road/Pocket
Bee Vamp-Valium Girl ep
Shoes This High-The Nose One ep
What Is Oil?-Human Suffering ep
King Of The Slums-Spider Psychiatry ep
The Groove-I Wanna Be Your Pigmy ep
Mekons-Snow/Another One
Brulbajz-(LLR) ep
Der Durstige Mann-Vergehtn ep
Hornsey At War-Deadbeat Revival ep
The Particles-Colour In ep
Kriminella Gitarrer-Sylvia's Unge/Hitlers Barn
Herco Pilots-Untitled dbl 7" ep
Psychedelic Horseshit-Who Let The Dogs Out ep
Half Japanese-Calling All Girls ep
Sapat-Tongue-Tied & Staid ep
Josh Reynolds-Speaks ep