Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber.....MIDORI MUSHI SAN CONNICHIWA 7"ep-GONE

Plucking Kito-Miukumi Rouber's lp out of an anonymous year end frying pan & into our Best Of 2009 fire seemed to confound toady taste makers & blog plonkers all around Hipster Haven. To them list's are a crucial element of.....something, & let's face it, peeps love list's. Sales are generated, no argument there. Why, I'd wager that ringing endorsement of 'Otonaki Touge De Hagureta Kmr' was instrumental in said lp essentially going from under the radar to out of print by early 2010. Fancy that!
And now here we are, almost a year later & Siltbreeze is proud to offer it's followup; a 5 track 7" ep entitled 'Midori Mushi San Connichiwa'. If your a fan of the lp, I can't possibly see how this won't be in your wheelhouse. For the unfamiliar, K-MR's sound seems informed by old school Japanese genre snuffers such as Tako & Gunjogacrayon. Combining the jabbering, pan humanoid outthereness of the former w/the zoned, riffed, mutant indifference of the latter, K-MR have created a toxic, dripping blotter of sound that is most appealing to those of us who luxuriate in the humidity of the 1%. Plus, as an added laugh (their's, mine, yours, ours) they've tacked on an eerie cover snippet that is a stab in the heart to every campfire singalong & folksy hootenanny through time immemorial. Absolutely tremendous! Released in an edition of 286 to commemorate the year in the Japanese calendar when a wise man went to see the Emperor about a horse.