Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take Some Urban Noise With Some Durban Poison.....New LP From Mount Carmel Now Available!

Here's the debut of a new Columbus trio called Mount Carmel. However, these guys don't shake the same tree as Psychedelic Horseshit, Times New Viking or ANY of the Washington Beach Indie posse frankly. Mount Carmel are a straight ahead Blues Rock power trio, so if your yen is whetted by the likes of Cream & Groundhogs, or other stalwarts such as Humble Pie or Free, this boat will accommodate you with 1st class lodgings friend. This is no frills, nor is it ironic posturing ala Sub Pop Grunge, or a goofoff side jaunt between their serious Noise projects. An excellent review here spells it out even more;

Just remember; flares rhymes with hares. So if your feeling a bit rabbity about taking the plunge, that's cool. You might wanna wait till your bud w/the Che cap & Munchkin beard fills you in on 'what it's all about'. It's a fickle old world out there in Hipsterville. Hard to know if this'll be the next big thing or not. Until it is. Remember, you heard it here, __________.

Prices as follows (LP only);
US-15$ ppd
Canada-18$ ppd
Elsewhere-25$ ppd

paypal orders to;

Wholesale orders please contact for further info.