Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Of 2009.....Kito Mizukumi Rouber's 'Otonaki Touge De Hagureta Kmr' LP

"It's that time of year again when…." is alls I've been readin lately. Same old preamble to the same old thing; best of year lists. And there ain't nothin wrong w/that. Folks wanna fuss about tryin to contain a few special things for others to savor, concur with or ridicule, it's their prerogative. I just ain't got the inclination. I heard lot's of swell records, most of'em comin off the Siltbreeze imprint. I ate lot's of good food too, most of it by my own hand. Times I went to the place for the thing & got the stuff, I can't say I didn't enjoy myself. Sometimes it was fancy, others, not so. I seen me some good live shows as well, but hell, just about anytime I can get out to see live music it's a special occasion. Besides that….
I would like to take this opportunity & say thanks to Times New Viking for helpin engineer the Axemen's US Tour. Also to anyone what bought a record on Siltbreeze or went & saw a band what's flyin our colors. On the expat front, It's been a goddamn hoot to see people shittin themselves over Bill Orcutt's lp though personally it ain't no surprise to me that it's as good as it is. Same holds true w/Graham Lambkin's newest cd.
But the real reason I came on was to say my absolute favorite thing-record wise-that has me astounded in the last fragrant fumes of 09 is this lp by Kito-Mizukumi Rouber. They's a Japanese trio & if you's know anything about the Nippon undergrounds it's that thems that excel take whatever it is that's their "style'-be it psych, blabber, smoke, noise,or scuzz-& stretch it, nay, ABSORB IT ,only to regurgitate the guts back out into some kind've unique & brain scramblin mutant code speak. And Otonaki Touge De Hagureta Kmr is just about the most deleriously wrecked thing to come out of the land of the risin sun since…well, how about ever? Imagine some Kabuki crime wave dusters what's like the livin embodiment of Danny & The Dressmakers. More, how sick would a comparison of Shockabilly coverin the Shaggs sound? Or vice versa. This spastic masterpiece is all that, all that & more. But I can't aptly describe the more as it ain't been deciphered. Not yet. Not on this planet anyway. My old campadre Jim Shepard once asked "When they finally come, will they be metal or meat?". Well James, they's is here, callin themselves Kito Mizukumi Rouber & the answer to yr query-as near as I can figure-is BOTH. This is so far beyond the pale of in-the-know Blobber & Twatster snoots conception of formidable kookery that it ain't no wonder they've kept their heraldin to a dull roar. It's too much for'em. Some of them bo's would have you believe they eat this kinda Gorp for breakfast, but believe me, one dose of this & they wouldn't even be able to pony up to the table. The #1 monster of 2009 & only by about 10 miles or more. Thanks to Ultra Eczema for releasin this Bear. Surely limited,Dig it here;

And a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's to all.

Your Editor,

Roland Woodbe

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skulls Without Borders-V/A Sampler.....Now Available!


Super limited 10" compilation highlighting some've the more potent Alkanes bonding the scene at the moment. On side Carbon, Chickins (2/3rds FNU Ronnies + bud) wriggle around like Geisterfaher corroding in cheese whiz, Dan Melchior fuzz- belts a wry 'n savory take on ear benders & Puffy Areolas fuse Hawkwind & Tales Of Terror for a deathride down Hell's highway. Side Hydrogen starts off w/Tommy Jay & Friends shakin smoke via some Harrisburg calypso, Sic Alps blindside a Kevin Ayers cover & Kurt Vile/Violators make like Neil Young/Crazy Horse off the beach & tucked into a cannabinoid submarine. All tracks exclusive to this release, black on black double silkscreened cover (though the resolution here appears otherwise), screened & rubberstamped back, one time edition of 300 available. SOLD OUT.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tropa Macaca's 'Sensacao Do Principio' LP Now Available!

Third lp of outer-key futuristic psychedelia from these Portugese trance dealers. Let's say you snort a line've old fashioned mescaline off the ass of PK Dick; the euphoria is immediately transportable to an oozing discotheque shimmering in the glitter of C-Beams. Watch as Precog's bubble & melt. Who needs them anyway? It's the 21st Century, so no smoking! Besides, everyone's telling their cigarettes to shut up nowadays, I mean, IN THE FUTURE. Perky Pat Layouts might promise eternal life, but they're gonna need a soundtrack to sell it. What could be more suitable than 'Sensacao Do Principio'? Earth is blistering & this rocket only has room for 500, so get on board now. We're only making one trip. The Deliverer has spoken.

US-15$ ppd.

Canada-17$ ppd.

Elsewhere-25$ ppd.

Paypal to;

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Times New Viking 'Dig Yourself" Repress October Sale!

To celebrate the re-release of Times New Viking's debut lp 'Dig Yourself', we're offering up the lp for a discounted price (see below) for the rest of this month (that's October 2009 in case you read this in the future). The band is finishing up a European tour & will soon embark on a full blown US extravaganza, many of the dates featuring NZ's legendary AXEMEN playing in support. Check the band's respective MySpace pages for up to date touring info.

DIG YOURSELF 2009 Repress October Discount;

US/Canada-12$ ppd

Elsewhere-20$ ppd

Paypal to;

Tour info;

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Local Flavor In A Variety Of Destinations.....BLUES CONTROL ON TOUR!

Get Out & see'em!

On the road again...

October 10 - Oberlin OH - THE 'SCO w/ Kurt Vile, Puffy Areolas

October 11 - Ypsilanti MI - DREAMLAND w/ Tyvek

October 12 - Princeton NJ - WPRB - in-studio 3pm EST

October 16 - Philadelphia PA - PILAM w/ Watery Love, Puerto Rico Flowers

October 18 - New Haven CT - BAR

October 19 - Ithaca NY - THE SHOP

October 20 - Scranton PA - THE BOG

October 21 - Pittsburgh PA - GARFIELD ARTWORKS w/ Puffy Areolas, Centipede


October 22 - Cincinnati OH - ART DAMAGE LODGE w/ Wild Gunmen, Puffy Areolas

October 23 - Louisville KY - LISA'S OAK STREET LOUNGE w/ Sapat, Raw Thug

October 24 - Chicago IL - EMPTY BOTTLE - early show w/ Ga'an, Axis:sovA

October 25 - Madison WI - GOOD STYLE SHOP

October 26 - St Paul MN - TURF CLUB w/ Chinese Stars

October 27 - Kansas City MO - RECORD BAR

October 29 - Salt Lake City UT - KILBY COURT - early show

October 29 - Salt Lake City UT - URBAN LOUNGE - late show

October 30 - Boise ID - NEUROLUX

October 31 - Olympia WA - THE NORTHERN - Halloween w/ Little Claw, Tyvek,


November 1 - Seattle WA - FUNHOUSE w/ Little Claw

November 2 - Vancouver BC - LITTLE MOUNTAIN STUDIOS

November 3 - Portland OR - SOMEDAY LOUNGE

November 5 - San Francisco CA - HEMLOCK TAVERN w/ Hank IV, Celine Dion 2013

November 6 - Oakland CA - CONTINENTAL CLUB w/ Sic Alps, Jaws

November 7 - Sacramento CA - LUIGI'S SLICE w/ The Duchess and the Duke, Greg


November 8 - Santa Cruz CA - CREPE PLACE w/ Lucky Dragons, Javelin

November 9 - San Luis Obispo CA - CROSSROADS

November 10 - Irvine CA - UC IRVINE w/ Pocahaunted

November 11 - Los Angeles CA - SYNCHRONICITY w/ Pocahaunted

November 12 - San Diego CA - SODA BAR w/ Spirit Photography

November 13 - Phoenix AZ - TRUNK SPACE

November 16 - Denton TX - J&J'S PIZZA w/ Fungi Girls, Darktown Strutters,

Silver Shampoo

November 17 - Austin TX - THE MOHAWK

November 18 - Houston TX - MANGO'S w/ The Wiggins

November 19 - New Orleans LA - ALLWAYS LOUNGE

November 21 - Nashville TN - DINO'S w/ The Cherry Blossoms, Ttotals

November 22 - Asheville NC - HARVEST RECORDS

November 23 - Chapel Hill NC - NIGHTLIGHT

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out Amongst The Naked Prey.....MANTLES Debut LP Now Available!

Hot on the heels of their great 7" for the Mt. St. Mtn. label is the debut longplayer from Mantles. If your at all familiar w/their 2 previous releases, then you know the Mantles have tapped into a Pop portal that infuses the swirling ballroom psychedelia of their SF forebearers as well as the post Velvets strum & jangle one might associate w/early releases found on the Flying Nun & Down There labels. This s/t lp features 10 tracks, a printed 2 sided lyric insert + free digital download card. The band has just also embarked on their 1st ever US tour, heading East in support of Ty Segall. You'll find dates & venue info below. Catch them if you can.


1-Disappearing Act
2-What We Do Matters
3-Look Away
5-Don't Lie
7-Testerday's Gone
9-Bury Me Dead
10-Thin Reminder

Price as follows;

US-15$ ppd
Canada-17$ ppd
Elsewhere-25$ ppd

Paypal to;


Sep 13 2009
Ottoman Empire w/ Ty Segall
Chicago, Illinois
Sep 14 2009
The Majestic (in the cafe) w/ Ty Segall & Woods
Detroit, Michigan
Sep 15 2009
Sneaky Dee’s w/ Ty Segall
Toronto, Ontario
Sep 16 2009
Divan Orange w/ Ty Segall
Montreal, Quebec
Sep 17 2009
Fitzies Pub w/Ty Segall
Binghampton, New York
Sep 18 2009
Death By Audio (as part of ’The Maze’)
Brooklyn, New York
Sep 19 2009
Terrace Social Club at Princeton w/ Ty Segall
Princeton, New Jersey
Sep 20 2009
The Mercury Lounge w/ Golden Triangle & Ty Segall
New York, New York
Sep 21 2009
Maxwells w/Ty Segall & Digital Leather
Hoboken, New Jersey
Sep 25 2009
Gonerfest afternoon BBQ!
Memphis, Tennessee
Oct 1 2009
San Francisco, California
Oct 3 2009
KDVS’ Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom Fest
Davis / Plainfield, California
Oct 4 2009
Hub w/ Dreamdate
Sacramento, California
Oct 17 2009
Fuzzplex with Black Time, Shannon & the Clams, Glitter Wizard and Larry and the Angriest Generation!
Oakland, California
Nov 7 2009
hemlock with the finches
San Francisco, California

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tyvek Shirts Now Available! Limited Run! Get One Now!

You've admired the design on Matt Z's drum head, now wear it! That's right, Tyvek t-shirts, who'd have thunk? These are 100% Gildan heavy cotton, made in Haiti (believe it or not, people care). I have sizes small through extra large (that means medium & large are available too) & even 3-4 XXL ones. 1st come, 1st serve.
Prices are as follows;
US-16$ ppd
Canada-17$ ppd
Elsewhere 20$ ppd
Paypal to;

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GAS-Compressed Gas 7" E.P. Now Out Of Print.


Gas is a Christchurch trio whose members have fronted/rocked some of that city's more key outer fringe bands (McGoohans, Scorched Earth Policy & The Shallows to name but three). Recorded between 1996 to 1998, the six tracks that make up 'Compressed Gas' are a heady mix of unspecified Nuggets era Garage/Psych meets the miasmic, Post Industrial streetwaves of Hearthan era Pere Ubu. Like I said, six tracks=fourteen minutes of music, edition of 300. If you can find a better deal, I'll buy you a cracker.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tiger Tank Not Included.....NEW Teenage Panzerkorps Shirts! Limited Run, Get'em Now!

That's right, new shirts, this time for Der TPK, designed by bassist, Boy True. We only did a small batch of these, roughly 12 per size, so it's 1st come, 1st serve. White shirts, black silkscreened ink, pretty sharp if I do say so myself. Sizes are Small, Med., Large & XL. 100% cotton, made by Gildan. Prices are as follows;
20$ ppd US
22$ ppd Canada
27$ ppd elsewhere
Paypal to;

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tres Hombres.....Check'em Out!

Hardy-har, them folks up to De Stijl likes keepin it interestin. They's is distributin a 7" by a car full've clowns what's eager to pass themselves off as a misbegotten Fuck Off band called Kandalini Nivag Retsevi. Even went & copied the front've the 'Weird Noise' ep as a cover. It ain't all that bad've a reenactment neither. I mean, the fidelity on them Fuck Off (& related) tapes was pure crud, as is this, so if you's was to pitch it to me as '012 chewing through the Gong songbook' I'd be humored enough to work the count. As far as counterfeits go, this 3 dollar bill has some grit. And guess what? Only 200 pressed ( wow, what a suprise!-Capt'n Siltbreeze). Speculators go to; for more info.

There seems to be a new school've tadpoles out there what's readily searchin for & drinkin from the bilge pump've feedtime nowadays. But how many of'em can say they's cottoned to an lp by a band called 3 Toed Sloth? Relegated to history's dustbin as a 'feedtime offshoot' in actuality the only thing them bands shared was drummer Tom. Ok, the Sloth invoked a similar lapsarian rumba, but they's also sputtered along on an open plain what's only other antipodean inhabitants was maybe the Gordons. Existing for a minute in the early 90's, the band sallied on long enough to release one lp before makin themselves scarce. But like the bard said, 'you can't keep a good man down'. The fella what cracked the whip back then was one Andrew Robinson & not only is he armed w/a small load 've recently exhumed 3TS lp's, there's also a new imprint (called Great Dividing) & a couple've 7"ers for the hawkin as well.
The 1st what I heard was via an outfilt called Exiles From Clowntown ( what'd you call me?-Capt'n Siltbreeze) & on one side they's graze in a pasture what's diabolic root has discordantly spread 'n become more the norm than the exception in corners've the current Oz fauna, right down to the rhetorical poetics. And the Exilers chew it like champs. The flip is one of them instumentals that thrive in the post, post VU sub-tropics of the southern hemisphere. It's strumble could best be articulated as traipsin over a 'bridge to nowhere', one where everybody from the Clean, X, Bilders, Eddy Current to Exiles From Clowntown have & continue to cross with remarkable elan.
I'm takin a wild guess that arob is a Exiler & hell, for all I knows he may even be (or have been) a Mu Meson. I mean really, 5 years to complete a track? Anyways, it's finally seein the light've day on this split 7" & as such is now a collab w/another mysterious lunk what goes by soottyb. Entitled 'They Sent Me Into Space Today' them two exude some sci-fi percussive/synth bork that blot's yr ears like an extraterrestrial beam from a Jupiter moon. The other track is solo arob w/guitar + a field recording of Cicadas. I have found it to be a most befitting soundtrack for our evening ritual've muddling lime & mint in preparation for the pre prandial round've Mojito's. 'Nothin like a swarm of pestulance to herald in the evening cocktail hour' sez me. Indubitable at either 45 or 33 rpms too. Glug, glug, I'll drink to that! Not many of these was made, go to for purchase & don't be afraid to pester Andrew about them 3 Toed Sloth lp's neither. It's worth your peep.

Monday, July 06, 2009

This Little Piggy Went To Market. This Little Piggy Stayed Home.....A Couple've New Ones!

There's some've us what's been waitin eons for the Brits to get a leg up in the whatsis of current underground shenanigans. Shimmy Rivers And And Canal looked promisin but never followed through, them Pheromoans got the moxie & I'd bet they's just 7 (or 12) inches away from deliverin a satisfyin platter of pasty spew. Then outta nowhere comes a bunch what's called Please (not to be confused w/the polite, lisping boys've pop-psych legend) whose wriggle on this self released 10" is both rancid & snotty w/invasive thrusts that nose around yr business like some've the better Ron Johnson bands of yore (I'm thinkin the Shrubs or A Witness). Them bands (along w/the Membranes, Sperm Wails, Kilgore Trout, etc) created alot've distemper on Ol Blighty's shores in the late 80's & in fact they may be the last pertinent generation to make such a claim. I knows it don't sound as hot as callin'em the next Danny & The Dressmakers but likes I always say; what the hell do you know? Line up your go-carts here; or;

Excuse me for sayin so, but when I first got a gander've the goobs what make up Dead At 24 I thought I was lookin at a Speaking Canaries tribute band! And seein as how they's both (at one time) Pittsburgh related, it didn't seem like a stretch. But nerd glasses 'n pencil necks aside, that's where them comparisons end. Dead At 24 wears a rustbelt heart proudly on their collective sleeve; the name is a reference to Pete Laughner & his age of death + much've the musical vibe herein is pumped w/a pulsing heart of darkness. Lot's of the lyrics sort've remind me of one've the Klimek's too, I just ain't figured out which. From what I can glean (accordin to the 8 page booklet enclosed), this 'Blast Off Motherfucker!' lp was originally a cassette released in '96. I would've reckoned sooner as such a big gob've the b-side sounds painstakingly cut & pasted off've Dead C's DR 503 lp. But hey, even then there weren't a whole lot've Dead C worship, so I ain't gonna ride'em too hard for it. At least they wasn't sittin around aping Spacemen 3 (ding!). My fave track on here is 'Breakin My Heart Again' where's they crackle like a Culturcide bonfire surroundin a Christchurch garage what's been transported to the Flats've of Cleveland. The rest.....let me say that for the most part I'm charmed by their nascent hubris & determination. Plus I think it's great someone gave the green-light to this as a worthy vinyl artifact ( much like that Lames one sided deal released last decade) even if it's 10+ yrs after the fact. I'm guessin their Theiner connection's was slim at best, but hey, PGH is only big enough for one dweeb at a time to parade around in a Ramleh t-shirt, so whatya gonna do? 300 pressed, check;

Monday, June 29, 2009

If Nestor's Carbuncles Could Talk.....The Induced Musical Spasticity of BUMFS LP Boxset

With the notable exception of 2 entries penned by tea-steepers, I have seen nary a smidgeon've ink spilt on behalf of this outstanding tub've left field hash slung by a here-to-for unknown assortment've egg pounders what called themselves the Butte County Free Music Society. But I ain't surprised by the crickets. After all, what widdle bwoggers out there in internetland today would have a 1st hand inkling as to Bananafish Magazine, which in true Bizarro World style is the reverse genesis for it's existence? And even if they had clue, the dissemination is fairly dense. The participants in this art/noise/theater/kitchen sink production is about as tight lipped 'n secretive as a posse've Masons bidding in a goat auction. But I's always liked a challenge (as well as knowin my ass from elbow) which is why I suspect I was eventually ushered into the B-Fish fold by a certain I. Vern Beezer for the last few issues've that illustrious magazine's run. But it weren't like I got the secret handshake or keys to the temple. No, all's I got was piles of shitty cd's & cdr's to rail about! But it was invigorating nonetheless. Pffft, will you look at me? In full digression, my apologies to you all. Why don't we get off here & see how many ways we can skin this cat.......
Let's take a trip to Chico, Ca.Home to a state university, I'd wager it's undoubtedly the core reason this group've fiddlestickers was able ferret each other's out; they was there to be learned.If you's go to your olde tyme record collection it ain't likely you'd pull out much vinyl from Chico in this era (circa 83-84). Obviously there was plenty goin on, but unlike their erstwhile sympatico's to the south (LAFMS), this group seen fit to keep their hijinx on the down-low. Sure, Babs Manning would get the 28th Day goin, but outside've that, what'm I missin? I did spent a bit've time there around that period (as a laborer in orchards & whatnot) & I can tell you that it was mostly a town filled w/cowboy types, stoners, frat dorks & simliar dunderheads. So it's nice to know that buried within the confines of the ubiqitous pecan & fruit tree groves was a small but thrivin bastion of lasciviously insatiable insanity what seems a cross've (free deformed) Harrad Experiment meets (Cali version) Yoknapatawpha County.I remember an ad once what read 'LAFs do occur at laf-ms', so I imagine a fair amount've the same kind've pone bein baked here; BUFs buf-msing (say whaaaaaaat?-Capt'n S/Breeze) for the sake've snoots & snorts. And sure enough it's all splayed out here for them ears've yrs to have a gander, 4 lp's, a cd + a mess've full color inserts (poster too!) what to assemble the pieces & participants. To me it's a testament to the beauty of margins & more so, the marginality of the avant garde, underground or whatever you wanna label it. I don't think the BUMFS thought it out like the LAFMS, or rather, weren't as whole hog artistically driven for posterity. I ain't criticizin, hell, no one gave much of a shit about LA Free Music releases in the mid 80's so it ain't like BUMFS was gonna use that business acumen as a template for spreadin their withering infestation. For yrs this was all documented & passed around on cassettes, maybe a dozen or so people worldwide havin any knowledge or interest in it's contents. Which makes sense, given the time frame. I mean, it's pretty of-the-moment, sometimes it works & sometimes harder.Personally, I wish I knowed more about Hypnagogic Jerk. Them two toxic hummingbirds could sputter 'n pollinate the stamen's of my brainfield all day long! And that's just a tip of this collection. There's lot's on here to decipher & I think that whoever decided put up the coin to see it compiled & released was doin the Lord's work. I suppose if I had to make a comparison to something on the LAFMS discography-to keep the pikers happy & maybe even move a unit of this're two-I'd have to say it saddles right up there w/the Lightbulb Emergency 2xcassette sampler what come out towards the end've that collective's imprint. Them two tapes was my only companions for 3 cross country trips back in the day & I wouldn't have had it any other way. Left a lot've casualties in it's wake too. I expect the same from this box've records & cd as I prepare for a river ride which is to commence on Thursday. My rock barge (named the USS Miss Monroe) is all loaded up & what's waitin for me at a private dock I has in Martins Ferry, Oh. If any of you's live on the banks from there on down to New Orleans & by chance hear a weird or befuddlin storm comin outta the night, well.....that'd just be the likes of Bren't Lewiis, Walking Jock, Conduits & an a cadre've others croonin off my hi-fi, tryin to charm you into the muddy arms of the undertow. And don't worry about leavin behind no dryin off towel. There'll be no comin outta the water this time.
The Induced Musical Spasticity of BUMFS......25 years of the dip that keeps on dipping, finally & forever. Distro on this dude is scant, try; or

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because I Could Not Stop For Death, He Kindly Stopped For Me.....Reviews X 5!

The latest outfit to pony up & stir-fry outta the lo-fi wok is from Davis, Ca & calls themselves Green Green. Predictably there's nothing remarkable about it, unless you's think RTFO Bandwagon deserve a Northern California Appreciation Chapter. If that's the case, do you's also think that your parents was two dogs who fucked each other in the ass & a puppy popped out? you? Comes w/a little band pin I'll never sport, but ain't lost. Yet.
300 of these, collectors go to;

Around 10 yrs ago or so, the whole New Weird America was in full throttle, perhaps the last generation of mongrels to possess an inkling of 1st degree knowledge of punk, improv & prog before they's was all ground up together in the grinder. Interestingly, it was said dunces what spun the crank, thereby creatin a bleak musical smorgasbord of amateurism in the form of little cdr patties as well as elaborately constructed cassettes molds & other vacuous whatnot. But enough of that diatribe, my point is how's now there's some've them Kabobs what's reinvented themselves from the New Weird to somethin more akin to the Old Weird, thereby makin'em New Old Weird American Americans. D. Charles Speer & The Helix is part've of this sect, if not it's leading voice what w/a couple lp's & now this 7" under their collective belts. And as such, they warmly embrace the music/stylings of the original denizens 'n patrons w/rich & harmonious flair. On this little fella Mr. Speer & Co. unwind w/some rural rock ala post Band frolic that on one side ('In Madagascar') tugs on the beard've Levon Helm & on the flip ('Bar-Abbas Blues') pats the fanny've Robbie Robertson. I used to have a shirt what said, 'Big Pink Was Not A Myth' & here you's got more proof for the pudding. Purchase this at;

Dan Melchior has been much in demand this yr & like any solid mercenary, he delivers w/force & thunder. Without a doubt one of my favorite tracks've to date is his (apropos) menacing ode 'Post Office Line', haha, just the organ refain itself has enough lethal rounds in it to take out an entire station. This latest offering via Dull Knife is no slouch neither, 'Terrible Shame' bein absorbed in similiarly resigned, post psychedelic/hangover clarity as any've the outstanding tracks what can be found on the last V-3/Jim Shepard releases (atwixt 'Pimping In The 90's & 'Motorcycle Movie'). 'Ghost Of A Flea, Pt. 2' doesn't knock on the door so much as kicks it down & while it might jog my memory as a modern day companion to Flipper's 'Old Lady' dirge, unlike Shatter & co.-who liked to bully from a safe distance-Dan make it abundantly clear he's in the house to rob the men & fuck the women. Or is it the other way around? Either way I'm given the guy a wide berth! Another one what's 300, find out more from;

Mr Pumice is a fella what's something of a pleasant enigma. By that I mean in the post X/pressway, post Gate breeding kennels've New Zealand noise rock pups, Mr. P seems to be the only one what's no longer exclusively bein weened on the lathe cut teets of the perpetually nursing Geraldine bitch. He's actually gettin pressed up on regular vinyl! How many to date I cannot say, but this new split w/Grouper has just arrived & his entry ('Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin') is classic; a detached sci fi sea shanty, enveloped in fog, rockin against the winter waves & peppered by a sharp,salty, sea air. What was once South Island vices is now become North Island habits, but Pumice is by no means a counterfeit of those what was brewin up afore, ney, his grok is more a distended homogenization of all what's been chuffy & left of the dial from the Andband down & counting. Grouper also deliver w/a haunting number lost in the mist. Stunningly elegiac, it's hard to know if she's waving or drowning.If I's ever get to hear them Mary Briefcase records I only hope they deliver a fraction of the same beauty.

Bill Orcutt might be the closest thing we's got to a underground rock version of Tommy Pynchon. Ain't no one's seen him in an age, a statistic (or whatever) he likes just fine. And of course there's the stories; how he moved to the Ukraine & started a school what teaches bears to play hockey. Or the one about him livin in the Congo & bein an arms dealer. And I don't mean weapons neither, I mean real life arms! Who'd buy such a thing? I reckon there's nothin wrong w/keepin your audience mystified, no matter how bizarre or gruesome the conjurin. And every now & again he takes time off doin Lord knows what to release a record, the task of findin a copy bein no small feat neither. The one what come around for a minute a few yrs back was as ambiguous as his day to day & while I found it confoundingly charmin then, I can't claim that it has left much of an imprint now. But I doubt I'll be sayin that about this new one what's called 'High Waisted/Big Ass Nails'. You might think upon 1st listen that Bill's slingin w/one of them dagger's he wielded so perilously in Harry Pussy, but stick your neck out a little further & you'sll realize he's forged a whole new scimitar which has done cut off your head. At that moment of impact them ears'll ring w/a hum've cacaphonous fuzz, then a mass've guitar rush w/the gust've Antennae Jimmy Semens + fury've of Saharan string mangler Doueh will flood over your nimble brain. And suddenly, almost as abruptly as it began, it is over. Except now friend..... you will eat no more hotdogs. The chopping block only has room for 100, line up here; &