Monday, July 06, 2009

This Little Piggy Went To Market. This Little Piggy Stayed Home.....A Couple've New Ones!

There's some've us what's been waitin eons for the Brits to get a leg up in the whatsis of current underground shenanigans. Shimmy Rivers And And Canal looked promisin but never followed through, them Pheromoans got the moxie & I'd bet they's just 7 (or 12) inches away from deliverin a satisfyin platter of pasty spew. Then outta nowhere comes a bunch what's called Please (not to be confused w/the polite, lisping boys've pop-psych legend) whose wriggle on this self released 10" is both rancid & snotty w/invasive thrusts that nose around yr business like some've the better Ron Johnson bands of yore (I'm thinkin the Shrubs or A Witness). Them bands (along w/the Membranes, Sperm Wails, Kilgore Trout, etc) created alot've distemper on Ol Blighty's shores in the late 80's & in fact they may be the last pertinent generation to make such a claim. I knows it don't sound as hot as callin'em the next Danny & The Dressmakers but likes I always say; what the hell do you know? Line up your go-carts here; or;

Excuse me for sayin so, but when I first got a gander've the goobs what make up Dead At 24 I thought I was lookin at a Speaking Canaries tribute band! And seein as how they's both (at one time) Pittsburgh related, it didn't seem like a stretch. But nerd glasses 'n pencil necks aside, that's where them comparisons end. Dead At 24 wears a rustbelt heart proudly on their collective sleeve; the name is a reference to Pete Laughner & his age of death + much've the musical vibe herein is pumped w/a pulsing heart of darkness. Lot's of the lyrics sort've remind me of one've the Klimek's too, I just ain't figured out which. From what I can glean (accordin to the 8 page booklet enclosed), this 'Blast Off Motherfucker!' lp was originally a cassette released in '96. I would've reckoned sooner as such a big gob've the b-side sounds painstakingly cut & pasted off've Dead C's DR 503 lp. But hey, even then there weren't a whole lot've Dead C worship, so I ain't gonna ride'em too hard for it. At least they wasn't sittin around aping Spacemen 3 (ding!). My fave track on here is 'Breakin My Heart Again' where's they crackle like a Culturcide bonfire surroundin a Christchurch garage what's been transported to the Flats've of Cleveland. The rest.....let me say that for the most part I'm charmed by their nascent hubris & determination. Plus I think it's great someone gave the green-light to this as a worthy vinyl artifact ( much like that Lames one sided deal released last decade) even if it's 10+ yrs after the fact. I'm guessin their Theiner connection's was slim at best, but hey, PGH is only big enough for one dweeb at a time to parade around in a Ramleh t-shirt, so whatya gonna do? 300 pressed, check;


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PLEASE are at

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I've never seen Manny wearing a Ramleh t-shirt. Zoviet France, yes, but never Ramleh.