Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tres Hombres.....Check'em Out!

Hardy-har, them folks up to De Stijl likes keepin it interestin. They's is distributin a 7" by a car full've clowns what's eager to pass themselves off as a misbegotten Fuck Off band called Kandalini Nivag Retsevi. Even went & copied the front've the 'Weird Noise' ep as a cover. It ain't all that bad've a reenactment neither. I mean, the fidelity on them Fuck Off (& related) tapes was pure crud, as is this, so if you's was to pitch it to me as '012 chewing through the Gong songbook' I'd be humored enough to work the count. As far as counterfeits go, this 3 dollar bill has some grit. And guess what? Only 200 pressed ( wow, what a suprise!-Capt'n Siltbreeze). Speculators go to; for more info.

There seems to be a new school've tadpoles out there what's readily searchin for & drinkin from the bilge pump've feedtime nowadays. But how many of'em can say they's cottoned to an lp by a band called 3 Toed Sloth? Relegated to history's dustbin as a 'feedtime offshoot' in actuality the only thing them bands shared was drummer Tom. Ok, the Sloth invoked a similar lapsarian rumba, but they's also sputtered along on an open plain what's only other antipodean inhabitants was maybe the Gordons. Existing for a minute in the early 90's, the band sallied on long enough to release one lp before makin themselves scarce. But like the bard said, 'you can't keep a good man down'. The fella what cracked the whip back then was one Andrew Robinson & not only is he armed w/a small load 've recently exhumed 3TS lp's, there's also a new imprint (called Great Dividing) & a couple've 7"ers for the hawkin as well.
The 1st what I heard was via an outfilt called Exiles From Clowntown ( what'd you call me?-Capt'n Siltbreeze) & on one side they's graze in a pasture what's diabolic root has discordantly spread 'n become more the norm than the exception in corners've the current Oz fauna, right down to the rhetorical poetics. And the Exilers chew it like champs. The flip is one of them instumentals that thrive in the post, post VU sub-tropics of the southern hemisphere. It's strumble could best be articulated as traipsin over a 'bridge to nowhere', one where everybody from the Clean, X, Bilders, Eddy Current to Exiles From Clowntown have & continue to cross with remarkable elan.
I'm takin a wild guess that arob is a Exiler & hell, for all I knows he may even be (or have been) a Mu Meson. I mean really, 5 years to complete a track? Anyways, it's finally seein the light've day on this split 7" & as such is now a collab w/another mysterious lunk what goes by soottyb. Entitled 'They Sent Me Into Space Today' them two exude some sci-fi percussive/synth bork that blot's yr ears like an extraterrestrial beam from a Jupiter moon. The other track is solo arob w/guitar + a field recording of Cicadas. I have found it to be a most befitting soundtrack for our evening ritual've muddling lime & mint in preparation for the pre prandial round've Mojito's. 'Nothin like a swarm of pestulance to herald in the evening cocktail hour' sez me. Indubitable at either 45 or 33 rpms too. Glug, glug, I'll drink to that! Not many of these was made, go to for purchase & don't be afraid to pester Andrew about them 3 Toed Sloth lp's neither. It's worth your peep.