Monday, January 04, 2010

The Duvel Made Me Do It.....New LP's By Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers + Glands Of External Secretion.

As cornball as it is, I's always had carried a fancy for them fatso jokes what was something to the effect that when so&so sat around the house they really SAT-AROUND-THE-HOUSE. But that's how I am. You can tickle w/me with a nickel & I'll laugh. So I reckon it ain't no surprise that a couple've releases by America's premier collagists what donk around the Chitlin Circuit for Cutups has me pinned & wheezin like a tubercular monkey huffin on a menthol air freshener. And I guess that they's have been embodied w/the Ultra Eczema imprint shouldn't be no shock neither. I can't say that I's been a stalwart supporter of the label (in that I don't own everything what's been released) but I don't think there's another contempo what's doin as fine a job when it comes to subsonic howls, buff packaging & an overall 101% singular aesthetic. Whether it's the eye poppin Brut brushwork, the brow bendin cut & paste or aural gnarl, Ultra Eczema is the perfect distillation of RRR subterfuge, Bananafish abstract chicanery & Chocolate Monk hodgepodge prowess. So like I was sayin, it weren't no major suprise when I seen lp's by Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers as well as Glands Of External Secretion was ripe for pluckin. Takin the plunge was easy, cause the sure thing is always my favorite wager.
Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers is some cads & a cadess what hail from around Boston & if your feet ain't completely flat, you's probably know more about'em than I. My intro was that I's was given a cd of theirs some time ago & boy what a glorious mess it was! Imagine a Smegma fan what was dropped on its head as a baby & thought 'Pigs For Lepers was, what-hell, I dunno-"Sgt. Peppers" or somethin. This lp called 'Get An Ace Case Of Measles' keep that, uh, Psychedelic wheelchair rollin along whiles also rainin clouds of hilarity down by way of cuckoo narratives, theatrical gabbery & an overall ellusive pastiche that explodes like globules of thorazine suppositories, creating whoozy, exploding, Zapruder-esque tapestries've ooze that will keep Pop-Yuk theorists contemporizing whether any of'em were ever really there (here?) or not (the wind whispers; "nooooo"). As for The Glands Of External Secretion, I'd be lyin if I said I weren't mostly curious about hearin the contrib of our headless leader, Tom Lax, on that 1st track. I knowed I had perused this earlier-when it was a cdr on the Oz label From The Same Mother- & didn't hear shit, but I reckoned the flora would've been flushed outta the fuzz when it come to vinyl enhancement. But I could no more make out his "cutlery" than I could the apparition of Toni Kukoc in the appendage of Michael Jordan when he pranced around in that underwear commercial back in the day. But no foul's been called. To be honest, if his clank had been too prominent, I'd probably never hear the end of it! Alls I know for sure is the Glands have plenty of glowin eggs in their radioactive basket on this "Meat Enhancement' lp. Things really hit the apex (for me anyways) on the 2nd track 'Sausage' when it sounds like a brace of Jedi light sabers crashing into orgone boxes that then opens up into an apocalyptic landfill where ravenous seagulls gnaw the broken capillaries out've yr cheeks while toothless sine-wave bums rifle yr pockets for sugar-lint. Surely your holdin, give it up! Seymour Glass & Babs Manning have concieved a minor masterpiece on this one. I'd pontificate more about it all but I got a spy plane to catch. I do know this; it's been a regular Goddamn treat to sit around the house these past few days lettin the luminuous aural snot 'n bile of Preggy Pegs & The Glands choot through my ears & around brain. May they forever diet of carcinogens & pass the gas of champions. Those what's curious try;
or go direct to;

I'd reckon these is in editions of 300 or less, so bray soonishly

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