Friday, December 29, 2006

Common Sense Ain't So Common.....Siltblog's 'Best Of' 2006

I ain't one much for Best Of list's but at least it's a plug for some & a shout-out to others. I guess I could've been more in depth about these choices but I'm already runnin late (we're goin to Bolivia for the New Year's) & it ain't brain surgery (at least not yet) so fuck it. I got a plane to catch. My apologies to anyone I missed whoever you are.

Some CD's;

Meatus Murder-More Songs About Balling & Food
Chris Corsano-The Young Cricketeer
Kousokuya-Live At Minor
Country Teasers-Empire Strikes Back
Paeces-Otherroomly Soundtrack
xxNo Barbequexx-Sunshine Of Your Love
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-S/T
Solar Anus-Skull Alcoholic (dbl)

Some Vinyl;

Pink Reason-S/T 7"
Donna Parker-Debutante Lp
Evil- A True Untimely Atrocity 10"
Homo Stupids-Brutal Birthday 7"
Las Malas Amistades-Jardin Interior 3x7"
Clockcleaner-Missing Dick 7"
Hank IV-3rd Person Shooter Lp
Sapat-Tongue-Tied & Staid 7"
Psychedelic Horseshit-Who Let The Dogs Out? 7"
Sun City Girls-Djinn Funnel Lp
Nothing People-Twinkie Defense 7"
Major Stars-Syntoptikon Lp
Circle-Arkades Lp


Blues Control-Riverboat Styx
Violent Students-Bitchy Woman
Hole Class-A Glimpse Of Hole Class
The Captain & Shaquille-Blood Bath & Beyond
The Pigeons-River Surfer (dbl)


Sublime Frequencies
Intransitive Recordings


Times New Viking
Country Teasers
Hank IV
Endless Boogie

See ya next year!


Chuck said...

Your blog was dynamite! I thought your blog on silly bird videos were hilarious!

DJ Rick said...

Your blog woulda been my top blog if I woulda made such a list.

Isn't the Hole Class cassette great?

Shouldn't someone make a vinyl out of it??? (HINT)