Friday, December 29, 2006

Common Sense Ain't So Common.....Siltblog's 'Best Of' 2006

I ain't one much for Best Of list's but at least it's a plug for some & a shout-out to others. I guess I could've been more in depth about these choices but I'm already runnin late (we're goin to Bolivia for the New Year's) & it ain't brain surgery (at least not yet) so fuck it. I got a plane to catch. My apologies to anyone I missed whoever you are.

Some CD's;

Meatus Murder-More Songs About Balling & Food
Chris Corsano-The Young Cricketeer
Kousokuya-Live At Minor
Country Teasers-Empire Strikes Back
Paeces-Otherroomly Soundtrack
xxNo Barbequexx-Sunshine Of Your Love
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-S/T
Solar Anus-Skull Alcoholic (dbl)

Some Vinyl;

Pink Reason-S/T 7"
Donna Parker-Debutante Lp
Evil- A True Untimely Atrocity 10"
Homo Stupids-Brutal Birthday 7"
Las Malas Amistades-Jardin Interior 3x7"
Clockcleaner-Missing Dick 7"
Hank IV-3rd Person Shooter Lp
Sapat-Tongue-Tied & Staid 7"
Psychedelic Horseshit-Who Let The Dogs Out? 7"
Sun City Girls-Djinn Funnel Lp
Nothing People-Twinkie Defense 7"
Major Stars-Syntoptikon Lp
Circle-Arkades Lp


Blues Control-Riverboat Styx
Violent Students-Bitchy Woman
Hole Class-A Glimpse Of Hole Class
The Captain & Shaquille-Blood Bath & Beyond
The Pigeons-River Surfer (dbl)


Sublime Frequencies
Intransitive Recordings


Times New Viking
Country Teasers
Hank IV
Endless Boogie

See ya next year!


Chuck said...

Your blog was dynamite! I thought your blog on silly bird videos were hilarious!

m.zuniga said...

bionic boogie was the best shit luther vandross ever did,it blows ass shit all over "here and now".

DJ Rick said...

Your blog woulda been my top blog if I woulda made such a list.

Isn't the Hole Class cassette great?

Shouldn't someone make a vinyl out of it??? (HINT)