Friday, December 22, 2006

S.H.I.T.P.O.P. 2006.....Times New Viking/Psychedelic Horseshit Split 7" EP

Last post was concernin the Times New Viking/Psychedelic Horseshit current 'No Xmas' tour & what to do about it, as in.....GO SEE THEM. Up till now the 10 little dimes they's collected's only amounted to a wet, wrinkled dollar but sometimes that's all it takes to make a dream come true in New York City. Tonight's show at Cake Shop is definitely TNV's final EC outing of this year, but might also be the last time anyone see's them in these parts shiverin in their flimsy Siltbreeze t-shirts. Word has it that a Matador ensemble of matching beret's & scarf's have been ordered. The band claims that they have indeed been fitted for said attire & are excited to don the garish foppery asap but are holding out for pink Vespa's + a sidecar (for gear carryin purposes) to sweeten the pot. Wait, did I just say pot? That reminds me, they.......
Anyway, last post also mentioned a split "tour only" ep that perked the ears of some West Coasties. Their question was, 'is it true?' The answer is yes, as true as any of the truths that have ever been tittered on this testimonial. The Times New Viking side is a hot preview from their forthcoming 'Presents The Paisley Reich' (cd) release; 3 songs-including one track ripped from/inspired by half of a Half Japanese cover-that will no doubt continue to have the glossy compnoscenti spilling verbiage about comparisons to Pavement or Guided By Voices simply because they can't "accurately" reference (let alone ever heard) the Clean or Axemen. But it's all good, right? Psychedelic Horseshit's contrib continues to pile up the no-fi ante, tipplin towards the Axemen side of the coin; smearin, slashin both spleen 'n strings in the grand tradition of Bob Cardy & Stevie McCabe so expertly that if I didn't know better I'd have figured these tracks was culled from a Sleek Bott cassette. If this comparison sounds foreign to you, that's cause it is. We can't all be from God's Country. It's high time some of ya learned that. Wait, did I just say high? What in the hell is.......

This split 7" is available (if not now, soon) via or contact either band through their MySpace pages (sorry, you'll have to look those up yourself. I'm goin to bed!).
Don't be afraid to ask for the handcolored one's either.

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