Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Message In A Blotter.....Hototogisu+Burning Star Core's 'Volume One' CD

MG's lil sister Buzzy was here not far back at Thanksgiving & boy she sure has gone 'n growed up. But other than strikin a nice figure, I couldn't see any difference. At first. She's still prone to just sit there & give you the long distance stare all through the day & never has been much for talkin. But after we'd done went to bed it was a different story. Up all night she'd be, checkin out our various cd's & records, havin a whale of time by the sound of things. In the mornings I'd ask her what it was she'd been listenin to & she'd just giggle, eat some oatmeal, bat her eyes & giggle some more.If you know Buzzy then you'll know that this retard bit is a coin toss. Is it an act or is it real? I've learned not to let it dwell. Just take it on the chin. So we finally got her back on the bus home the other day & as I was cleanin up the guest room I found some journal she'd left behind. Most of it was filled with letters what was never sent, drawin's of mythical beasts, basically, the usual.And then I come across this entry & had a laugh. I was gonna review the cd myself but I think ol' Buzzy got the drop on me w/this one. I still ain't sure if she's runnin on a full tank mentally, but she seems to know a thing or two about a thing or two. An idiot savant perhaps? There ain't no way I could ever say somethin like that to MG or her folks, they'd kill me! All's they'd hear was the idiot part & my goose would be cooked. So's I'm gonna run it here for you's to decide. Like I said, it's got legs, but I may be bias seein as how she's family 'n all. Well, almost.

11/26/06 3:30am

Wow, Roland sure has a lot of music. My sister told me he was a total geek when it came to records & cd's but this is amazing. There's so much cool stuff. I guess if you have a blog then you get free shit. I want a blog! I would do mine like a diary or something. Make it more intimate and warm. Not cold & mean like Roland's. I basically like people even if I can't stand the sight of them. What would be my 1st review? How about this cd by Hototogisu + Burning Star Core. It looks rad!

11/26/06 3:38am
Wow, this is going to be good I can just tell. It's like industrial psychedelia! The only drag is that I don't think the drummer's much of an improviser. He's beating that snare like one of those windup monkey toys with the cymbals. He needs to be more organic, like Andrea Centazzo, and less intrusive, like John Bonham. I think he's the same guy in Hair Police. Roland says they are like Harry Pussy lite. I think that is funny. I'm always giving my Dad a hard time about listening to Aerosmith for the same reason. I'm like 'Dad, don't you have some shitty Rolling Stones records that are better than this"? He always says that what the Budweiser's for but he says that about alot of things. I hate Budweiser.

11/26/06 4:08am
Wow, now it sounds like a convergence of angels. But not Heavenly angels, rather, Angels of Satan. I was reading a magazine called Bananafish that I found lying around & it had an interview w/this guy Spencer that's on this cd. He was talking about how he was classically trained and preparing for conservatory and perhaps a career w/a orchestra or something but he decided to leave the light and embrace the darkness. Like Lucifer did. I know a few people that if I played this for them they would think they were trapped in some sort of sonic, aural Hell. Speaking of which, if this Spencer guy is still living in Cincinnati, then he's closer to Lucifer than he knows. Talk about a Hell on earth! I think I'd be mad too.

11/26/06 4:25am
Wow, what exactly is a Hototogisu? It is like a Hototoginsu, like a special knife? Would it be a knife for carving sound? What would a sound knife look like? Would it look like a Hototogisu or a Hototoginsu? Where do these people come up with these names? They must be really smart.

11/26/06 4:28am
Wow, this little pin just fell out of the cd case! It's a pin with the face of Marcia Bassett on it. It's just like her picture on the cover of the cd, only bigger. The resemblance is uncanny, it's almost exactly the same. Now that is intense. Not to mention psychedelic. I think I'm starting to see trails too. Killer.

11/26/06 4:50am
Wow, I think I nodded off there for a sec. This cd is soothing yet punishing. It sort of reminds me of that line from that one Hellraiser movie where the pinface guy says "Your suffering will be legendary. Even in Hell"! In a way I could see this music as a soundtrack for a horror movie. I guess. Maybe a colonial horror movie with Genesis P-Orridge as an evil George Washington. Or Martha Washington. Or both! Woah, that's a creepy thought. It could work, that's the really scary part. Is this cd great or what?

11/26/06 5:06am
Wow, that cd was neat. It's not even over yet. Or maybe it started all over again. Whatever, I have to go to bed. It's going to be great for that. It's like my ears are ringing after a night of mutilating cattle or listening to my parents scream at each other about all the empty Budweiser cans my Dad has strewn all over the house. I bet if we had this Hototogisu + Burning Star Core cd at my house, the place would be a lot cleaner, especially if I threatened my folks with it every waking minute of the day.Or maybe I should just move out. That's a good idea too. I'll have to sleep on it.
Okay, good night!


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