Thursday, December 14, 2006

If You Can't Stand The Heat, How About Freezing To Death As An Option?.....Flaming Fire's 'When The High Bell Rings' CD

This here blog is my job as any readers out there in Readerland already knows. And because of my opinionatin, this blog has gained a modicum of interest, so's it seems to me that if promo's come, they oughta be mine, correct? And it also seems logical (to I) that some stuff should arrive bearin my name for my perusal. That's happened a few times lately & a certain someone started cavortin around w/the BF ('Bitch Face'). That was until he heard'em. Then it was all smiles 'n laughs as though he'd dodged a bullet. What a douche! Granted for the most part it ain't been a problem as there ain't many promo's arrivin. For that, everyone here at Siltbreeze & Siltblog (both of us) says THANK YOU. Sure, we's glad to get the good one's. Even the bad one's that the hipster's can't see through makes for lunch money. But then there's one what shows up & you come to the glarin realization of what a shit encrusted business the music industry is. For instance, bingo!, this here's that came by Flaming Fire. I ain't sure I can parley the utter uselessness of it's existence. How about an equation like; Reesa & The Rooters plus Picasso Trigger divided by The Tubes & there you go. Better yet, the "lost" Waitresses lp on Load! Or how about if Six Flags, Taco Bell & Red Bull were looking to mount a travelling production for the Punk version of Meatloaf's 'Bat Out Of Hell'..... I've got the cast they's lookin for right here! I know what your thinking & your right. It's worse. They gotta website to see for yourself at:
or just wait for the article in Blender that's sure to appear soon enough. For you local's that want a taste, in about 5 minutes I'm gonna drop this into the trashcan at Girard & Frankford, so if you's is ridin by on your ironic bike, feel free to "comp" this into the pocket of your vintage coat on the way to the coffeeshop so you can sit outside in the rain & smoke. And to the promo department of Silly Bird I say, thanks a latte. For nothing. There's only one Arthur in this town & it ain't Treacher's (RIP), so save them promo stamps to address to US when you got somethin GOOD to hawk. Like ol' Ken Franklin used to say "It's a cold world out there sometimes. Particularly when you've got no spark".

Ain't it the truth?

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