Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Huffy By Any Other Name.....Top Ten List for 12/14/06

Why is it that the people's who nowaday's want to know so much about Desperate Bicycles is also the one's that ride'em? Ever notice that? Ponderous, ain't it?

Here's a play list for the past half hour;

Smelly Feet-Toe Tapping Songs 7" ep

American Gorilla-Forsaking All Others/Masters Of War 7"

Usch-LTO 7"ep

The Moodists-Gone Dead/Chad's Car 7"

TVP's-I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives/Magnificent Dreams 7" (Japanese Pressing)

Tom & Marty Band-New Wave Twist 7" ep

25 Cents-Y The Wich/Don't Decieve Me 7"

The One Takes-Extended Play 7" ep

Front-System/Queen's Mafia 7"

The Sleepers-Seventh World 7" ep

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