Thursday, June 29, 2006

When Grandpa's A Rockin, Do The Fuzz Come A Knockin?.....A Few Words About Slicing Grandpa

I know this'll come as a surprise to damn near none of ya's, but I possess snob tendencies. I do! Let's face it, I have done questionable things. How about the time I ponied up & bought that expensive Josephus bootleg for 45$ when my money'd been better spent on a 4$ original of that red Grand Funk album? Oh I could spin plenty of them sort've tales. Nobody could tell me nothin. Still, I never succumbed to payin 20$ for a Charlie Daniels record, but then I ain't up there in New York City either. Is it filled with comedians? It must be, the stories I hear!
Now what any of this has to do w/Slicing Grandpa is worth the price of onions in Bermuda (or somethin to that effect). Slicing Grandpa hail outta Seattle, WA which is farther away from NYC than my ass is from my elbow (a claim not all of you can make). If your a sucker for rich cutups, noise collages & texturalization, Slicing Grandpa has his knee out for you to bounce on. What initially struck me about Gramps' work was how much it resembled Pigface era Smegma & maybe even Witcyst ( & not just 'cause of the great human touch artwork either). And how can you go wrong w/that? It's got a good, healthy 'n organic DIY vibe to it that's part's here 'n there noise, art, joke, rock, rust, creep & crawl. I was gonna say somethin too about old Boy Dirt Car cassettes & that File Under Pop 7" & you know what? I just did!
Oh yeah, now I remember the snob connection I had in regards to Slicing Grandpa. If this'd come out a few yrs back on the United Dairies label I'd have forked over large sums of cash to own it. At the same time, if it's been released on, say, Vinyl Communications, I'd have probably never givin it the time of day. Sad ain't it? That was the old me. The new me says there ain't nary a distributor that carries Slicing Grandpa (that I know of). I think there's a MySpace page & there's always the good ol' USPS. Write; Slicing Grandpa, 903 Grand Union St, Apt. 709, Seattle, WA 98101
Get'em while their hot!

BEEP, BEEP! Stop press; just got an email for Grandpa;
drop him a line

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