Saturday, June 10, 2006

Better Late Than Never.....Kubelka's 'We're Gonna Do It Like This Now' LP

MG's gonna be arrivin any day now w/her massive disco collection that she's bringin back from Paducah & I have to make room for it. I don't wanna incorporate'em into my records, but you know, I wanna let'em have some shelf space. God forbid I get tagged as some sorta elitist.
So I'm rummagin around & diggin up all kind'sve lost sounds. Record's I haven't listened to in....Lord knows how long! When I did my move, I was too frantic to see what was what & instead, just heaped the crates into the Uhaul & away we went. I never bothered to sort'em once we was ensconced, so this weekend was my time to refamiliarize myself w/some old friends. I could go on about the greatness of Disciplina Kicme, Paul Daskin & Speckled Ax or Buzz Martin but why rub it in? Just put them names down on your wish list & wait till the WFMU Record Fair comes around & maybe they'll be waitin there for ya. The one record I do wanna mention was this fantastic lp by a Canadian outfit called Kubelka entitled 'We're Gonna Do It Like This Now' on a label called She Sells. Looks like it's from '99 or so & I was scratchin my head as to how I came about ownin it. I sorta recall buyin it, but just filed it away like a stupe. Out've Ottawa, Kubelka seem to be primarily a trio but w/a special guest 4th member (on here). The lp is divided into parts I & II & within them parts was 6 & 4 suites respectively. I dunno, it's hard to pin'em down; there are definite elements of Krautism higher key guitar weep at work & a sneaking suspicion (on my part) that these guys once dabbled in "hard" Fusion (Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu Orchestra) but then suddenly swung like a wrecking ball into the outersphere of Avant Rock, ala This Heat goin nose to nose w/Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, et al. while a room full've the grubbier Rock In Opposition player's cheer'em on. It's a goddamn great lp & now I know why I bought it! How come I didn't play it-till-now- that's what I can't figure. Musta been a manstrual cycle thing. But that wrong has been righted & y'all could do a lot worse than to email'em & see if this thing is still around. The plastic on mine say 'edition of 300' (which explains the paste on sleeve & rubberstamped labels) & that was almost 8 yrs ago. I won't keep ya. Go forth 'n good luck!
She Sells Records; 6 Merriman Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K1K 3E6, Canada

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