Friday, June 23, 2006

I Think, Therefore, That I Shall Never See....Modern Poetry, Old & New!

It's late & there's one helluva an electrical storm illuminatin the sky & rumblin around outside. I don't know about all this city livin 'n whatnot, but where I'm from, that's a time for sittin tight an shuttin up so that's (kinda) what I'm doin. No time for music, so's I hunkered down w/a collection've modern poetry that was sent my way courtesy've Slow Toe Publications outta Cleveland. It's called 'The Skull Of Love' & has as a distinguished list've authors; Devendra Banhart, Tom Greenwood, John Moloney & Lee Ranaldo among them (Ann Lee, Panagiotis Spoulos & Matthew Wascovich round it out). The one thing I noticed in this modern poetry that seems new is that anybody can do it! Ya just write down some stuff. I wish I could excerpt some of the work, but I don't got permission & I don't wanna step on any toes. You'll just have to read it for yourselves. Shit, on 2nd thought, what the hell? Here's one from Devo B;

The lemon tree it laughs at me
It's growing beautifully

And here's one from Tommy G;


Wow, great stuff! It seems like they could've just made all that up on the spot but no; that's hard work, diligence & sweat buddy boy! Kudos. B-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t, I believe, is how they spell it (in the mirror).
Let's face it, on the publishing end, it helps if your already famous or a shaman or somethin (nothin new there) but I think-with the right connections-I might have the fixin's of a modern poet. Check this out;

I'll take salad's
over hotdog's
for lunch

Or this one;

If it was raining
as hard as it is
I could

I call these my pre natal poems. They was words that was in my little baby brain before I was even born, it just took me 56 yrs to get'em on paper in the right order. Or did I? Ya know, on second thought, I don't think I got what it takes. My syntax is all off & my pentameter's screwed up....... poetry is hard! Plus I don't know nobody, ya know, "in the biz". It's times like this when you gotta consult the masters. I direct your attention to the poet Fraser Suicyde & two of his most stellar works, found in this long forgotten book (uh, actually the fanzine) OPPS! (#5, Fall, 1982);

That scary retarded guy-
On a girls bike-
With a bell on it.
Here he comes-
He's about 30-
Oh shit, he's waving at me!!!

And who could ever forget:

Have you ever heard
The theme from M*A*S*H?
And then you keep hearing it
Again and again
And it's not even playing and then
All distant music sounds like it?
Sometimes I think about
The theme from Star Trek
And it goes out of control in my brain
And it seems like its so loud
That other people can hear it.

Donald Hall, are you there, CAN YOU HEAR ME?! Outstanding stuff, really. Truly fantastic. Ladies & Gentlemen of the MacArthur Foundation, if you are reading this, please do some research & track down this neglected genius & give his life....continued hope. And purpose. Before it's too late. Thank you.

(contact Slowtoe at;
OOPS! was an excellent fanzine that once functioned out've Willoughby, Ohio & # 5 has 12 other poems by FS. Dig it up!)

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