Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Go To Hospital, Go Directly To Hospital.....'Auto Glamour Sound' CD (sort of) & The Cincinnati Label, Hospital

My mother's husband Jasper was in town this past weekend just in time to celebrate Father's Day (even though he ain't my dad). We had a right nice time drinkin & talkin & drinkin some more. I guess all the laughin we was doin got contagious 'cause my Czech neighbors Tibor & Kimi heard us & invited themselves over. They brought with'em a big ol' bowl've slaw made w/red cabbage & bacon plus huge links of fresh kielbasa for the grill. Jasper'd rolled into town w/a case of Strega so it looked like we was all fixed up. Tibor 'n Jasper got to exchangin World War II stories ( I especially enjoyed the one Jasper told about punchin Gore Vidal in the nose over a fruitcake in the Aleutians) & Kimi was jabberin away, rushin through the stack've 7"ers, cd's & lp's all over the house. "Hospital's, hospital's" she kept sayin, "where is for hospital's?" I guess all that Strega was takin it's toll 'cause when I got up to see what she was goin on about, my head was spinnin like a top & I hit the ground like a sack've cement. Out like a light, not a worry in the world. Good night & good luck.
Next mornin I had a helluva headache & could barely make out the note Kimi'd duct taped to my chest. But I finally knew what all the hospital commotion was about:

Hey Mr. Roland;
Hey, you not so tough guy with Strega. It drink for bull! Next time you drink only beer, yes?
I find hospital's, I find all you hospital's. I know you to have some of it for I to hear 'Drinking Elvis Wine' come from speakers at your house. I play all hospital's. Please stop snoring. You to for interrupt beauty of hospital's. Next time I piss in you eyes.Thank you.
So for you to know; maybe invest in new cd compilation of Hospital's? It released on Shake It label, called 'Auto Glamour Sound: A Hospital Records Compilation'. Tibor order it from Fusetron. That way you no ruin records, sell to me cheap, yes? I kid, I kid! But for seriously, I want records. Tibor too. We make deal later.
I think cd is good collection. Maybe you to write about for blog. Here is list of records I play. MY records soon, yes?

Auto Glamour Sound- V/A dbl 7"
Dementia Precox-Mines/Death On 2 Legs Luncheonette 7"
BPA-By-products Of America 12"
QI-ZZ-Two Dimensional Love Affair/New Baby 7"
Human Zoo-s/t mini lp
BPA-Moving & Storage lp
(also, 2 Dementia Precox other records I find. I want!)
Dementia Precox -Of Parts Unknown LP
Dementia Precox-SCHP 12"ep

Next time we meet for drink, you stay away from Strega. Maybe ginger brandy for you until legs grow hollow.

Nostrovia to you Woodbe!


('Auto Glamour Sound' cd is available via http://www.fusetronsound.com/
or http://www.midheaven.com/)

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