Monday, April 23, 2007

Did Someone Say T-Shirts? Just In Time For.....

....Summer! Last chance on these babies, at least until they's all gone. I would've thought they'd been done by now, but here I am, hawkin'em 1 more time. Dead C shirts are limited to Medium, Large & XL sizes , Siltbreeze label w/Graham Lambkin design in XL ONLY. Harry Pussy? Well....There might be a few smalls & mediums, but mostly it's L & XL on these too. I've probably got 10 or so of each so if you want'em, come & get'em! 15$ EACH ppd US/Canada ONLY. Elsewhere, 20$ each ppd. You can paypal us at;

Or write & see what's available. All shirts is 100% cotton too. I sure would like to see these fuckers go soon so the 1st fifteen orders I get I'll throw in a 7" for FREE. So please buy my goddamn shirts, okay? Thanks.

Yours Truly,

Roland Woodbe

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