Monday, April 10, 2006

All You Need Is Ignorance And Confidence And The Success Is Sure...My Whole Hand Was Wet 7" ep

These days, seems like the thing to do is mine a grubstake that's full of crackle, hook up a generator w/some effect pedals 'n whatnot & just write yourself a charter to your own little noise fiefdom. And for good measure, recall the days of yore when knights were bold so's maybe somebody'll see your sparks from far away. Let's face it, it's no fun bein a sheriff if there ain't no one for to impress w/your badge of tin.The label said something about this fitting uncomfortably between the I Hate The Pop Group & KBD-DIY comp's & that's not wrong, though it sounds more prone to the former than the latter. But those comps highlight the halcyon days of noise & stumble-bum punk. And now, some 20 yrs after the fact, those track're considered classics. I guess this might sound akin to Brent Wilcox or Storm Bugs. It's been a while. Honestly, it sounded more like the anxious jabber of an anesthetized Genesis P-Orridge in between snips of cock 'n cooter enhancement. One side sounds like GPO channeling a Jim Jones White Nights monologue while the other is a blurry list of "things to do" once the operation is a success. Is it a classic? I cannot say, for I am not a deputy in the territory. Nor am I a lineman for the county. If you think your made of stronger stuff, then I hereby encourage you to point yr pony in the direction of & there you shall find the hamlet of which I speak.

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