Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Of 2012.....Little Big Chief!

Virginia is one old bitch of a state. She's got some time lines for sure! Just think, if Jamestown had succeeded 400 years ago we wouldn't have to celebrate Pilgrims by pretendin to enjoy the company of alls our annoyin relatives on the fourth Thursday of every November. There never would've been an angry Pop-Pop sneakin in bites've taters durin grace, nada to cousin Pockets (he'd have slept in'em if he could) tellin lurid stories 'bout how he 'pleasured' sailors in Annapolis so's he could buy ginger brandy to keep warm, kaput to shootin them pesky neighbor kids in the eye with salt & frivolous lawsuits (the 2nd time WAS an accident), not to mention, NO MORE CRANBERRY SAUCE. Must I go on? But in the intervenin years good things have sprung from the commonwealth; Jeff Burton (go Mayor!), cheap cigarettes, The Orthotonics & most recently, this humble mailorder/charitable trust known an Little Big Chief. Run by a fella name've Brock Kappers outta Staunton, this curatorial enterprise functions as a well honed online enclave what offers up obscure audio treasures via all corners've the globe + a most excellent rescue mission, I mean, reissue label. Who else would've taken the plunge to reboot the mud-flap of Mad Nanna's debut 7", abracadabra from cdr to vinyl the asbestos laced crud of XWave 'n Girls, Girls, Girls, to say nothin of huffin more gas into Watery Love's 'Two Thrills' go-cart? I know there's a song on there about a condom, but let's get real. Resusitatin life back into any've these misfits ain't the deed of a sound mind. Then also take into consideration Mr K's illuminated assortment of various other oddballs for purchase & whaddya know but we've got a regular modern day Charles Wilson Peale on our hands! I knowed a fella years back when I's was stationed up to Langley by the name've Kappers. Grimm Kappers he called himself. A code breaker. Claimed to eat toad any chance he got. And since his complexion was practically reptilian, I took him at his word. Anyhow, he was a big Bomis Predin fan, could sing along to all the songs by the Tom & Marty Band too. So's if he's any relation to this Brock one, them Thanksgivin's must have been a hoot! Check out Little Big Chief's site here;

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