Friday, December 14, 2012

Best Of 2012.....Birds Of Maya's 'Ready To Howl' CD!

With Spacin & Purling Hiss grabbin all's the headlines in Hipster Haven, it's easy to forget they's was both spawned out've a more formidable behemoth, Birds Of Maya. And as good as them two might be, they's can't neither come close to replicatin the ferocity of the one. You's can take all the dumbass carriage rides around Independence Hall you want, eat every motherfuckin fishcake 'n hotdog in the city, even piss on the Rocky statue is that's you's kink, but the only reason to go or stay in Philadephia is in the hopes of catchin a Birds Of Maya show, LIVE, in they's skins. The only comparison I's can really link'em to is Gaseneta. But they ain't really Punk-or maybe they are- shit, they just bash it out & howl! So it's hardly a surprise that this 2nd release is entitled 'Ready To Howl'. Like when is they ain't? Now I know that the vinyl version come out last yr & my gullet's had this gnawin sensation ever since that I never got it the props it so richly deserved. But then earlier this year some tea sippers rubbed a couple've farthings together & reissued it on the provincial cd format so's it could be a staple in council houses all over Olde Blighty. Which is how me 'n Birds Of Maya is gettin a second stab. The thing I've loved about this collection is the way it aptly envisions & narrates a weekend in Kensington. If you's know that section of the city, well then, you know pain. People what's moved up there like to say is "it's house to house". Hey, so was Stalingrad. Anyhow, these Birds boys have gone 'n done created they's own 'Crime & Punishment' with this tuneage. A real trio of Stone Age, audio Dostoyevsky's they be! So dig; our hero get's off work on side 'Friday' & is ready to cut loose. All that pent up aggression from a week's worth of drudgery is palpable in the mix. The way 'Friday' angrily & methodically builds, it's like your there; the case of beer,yep, bag've weed, check. The meth's in the glove box & of course there's them perc's for later. And what better way to get started than at the corner bar? So before you can say 'nem's Flyers!', it's on. By the time side 'Saturday' rolls around things is in full swing 'n you's is locked into one've the most masterful excursions of ugly, sotted, no-fi Psychedelic mauling ever committed to recordin tape. It's so over the top, it's impossible to continue at a human pace. And suddenly bam!-it's done. It can't even finish the side! A ghostly narrator is spirited in to spook us w/a cryptic moral adage. Followed by silence. Silence! Haha, these guys is genius! Then here comes Sunday for 2 sides & every burst capillary, every rottin tooth, every throbbin membrane gets layed out. It's a citified restructurin of a rural rock hangover that every bumpkin from Baltimore to Bakersfield has knowed intimately over time. And as side 4 of 'Sunday' comes to a jazzy close, it don't end, it fades. Which is to say, while this malarkey ain't condoned don't mean it's gonna stop. Tacked onto the cd is a bonus track on which a harmonica is blowed where it sounds like both a police & ambulance siren at once. Not to mention the death bleats of a rabied rat.Who knew 911 could be so gnarly? I wouldn't call it a Rock Opera really, only because the word 'opera' will get you's stabbed in Kenso. What it is is the singularly greatest double lp to bear a Philadelphia return address of all time. Even if nows it has to come from across the drink on a plastic tray. But I suspect either format might be available here; or try this clown;

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