Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best of 2012.....Constant Mongrel's 'Everything Goes Wrong' LP!

The overall climate on down Australia's thrivin underground scene continues to be hotter'n a goat in a pepper patch, so's tryin to pick one're two kingpin's ain't really fair, though this lp by Constant Mongrel has seen more time on the turntable'n about anything else in the runnin. From the get-go they propel themselves forward w/such aggression I damn near thought it was some lost track off've X's 'Aspirations' lp. From there they just sail. At any given time durin the length of this corker I's was pleasantly harkened into luminous, frenzied eddies, the likes of which have not swirled in my ears since 100 Flowers called it a day. The X_X cover is a nice touch & as flags go, you's can't wave one much higher than theirs, but I could have easily done without it if there'd been another original chompin at the bit to get cut loose. With a title like 'Everything Goes Wrong' as a herald, it's hard not to stack'em up alongside Kitchen's Floor when it comes to the gallows side've aberrance 'n hey now, if that double bill hit the State's, you's might be lookin at the next Cynthia Sagittarius, I shit you not. And if you have any idea what I'm on about, you're surely chuffed to the tits with glee. Sha-doobie. Get it here; http://8081records.bigcartel.com/ Try Easter Bilby for other kick ass Oz related releases at; http://ineedinsulation.blogspot.com/

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