Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Best Of 2012.....Roach Clip's 'Al Pastor' 7" EP!

Every year to commemorate the Carnaval of Santiago, my Cuban buddy Fortunado constructs this enormous structure've hollowed out flan in his back yard 'n then invites bands what to come play inside. I's am always surprised the thing never gets ate down (at the end they's douse it w/brandy, then set it ablaze) but that's another story. So this time someone's called K-9 Sniffies & Roach Clip was the featured acts. Now I's have to come clean 'n say I didn't see neither of'em. Was way in the thick've of judgin a serious cachete taco eatin contest. And them Cristal's was goin down like water too. Plus anytime I gets close to that flan hut I just feel all custardy. No thanks! Word was theys was both top notch. Always a plus. Anyhow, at some point in the evenin I seen Fortunado's wife, Yanela, fannin herself w/this Roach Clip record. She looked pretty relaxed & maybe not a little too familiar w/the pitcher've sangria plopped down right in front've her. She spied me makin my way, stood, smiled & breathed a sigh of relief. "Ah, senor Woodbean, eh, the band, they want for you to have they record. So was for me to keep. My favor, you know? As music.......I am not so sure, but for, eh, ventilador, is most useful. Here", she thrust the record into my hand, "now is no more for me to look after. And I must go, wait for you has made me to starve. Lead me to the sesos! I can smell them frying. Or perhaps that is you, eh, Woodbutt"? With that she threw her head back 'n laughed. It sounded like a hyena bein impaled on a pike. Thank heavens she weren't much ever in a good mood. Them jollies'd curdle milk. Despite Yanela's opinion, as music goes, this Roach Clip ep is a doozy. And w/a title like 'Al Pastor', is most prescient too. It's a rollickin ride through a panacea've frizzled audio crackle. Not unlike the Meat Puppets, 15 minutes after sheddin they's skin of the eponymous 1st lp but still burnt from that peyote scorch. Or maybe the Godz, lost somewhere in them 10 matrix numbers between 'Contact High' & 'Godz 2', sortin it out through a Dubonnet hookah. Either way you bake it what you's got here is sounds as crisp as a chicharron gordita.So let your ears inhale. Pony up at; http://www.fusetronsound.com/

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