Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deerhunting Without An Accordion.....2 New Releases From France!

Pleebs 'n Pikers will no doubt piddle they's panties in infantile glee at the merest gaze upon this outfit's name. And in all honesty, that's okay. Whatever lures'em. I mean, just take a gander at the cover art. It would seem "all are welcome" is the mantra here. Besides, w/a name like Micro Penis, they's really got nothin to shy away from. 'Tolvek' is the 2nd release of brut flatulence from these canard gobblers. On it they's have journeyed past the feral channelin of Cromagnon & function as full on necromancers, conjurin up aural apparitions of Nihilist Spasm Band, MEV, Furious Pig, Comus & even the lost trumpet've Alan Shorter, mostly all at once. My copy came w/a rubber cabbage "conductor" not dissimilar to the one's brought to Earth by Hank Bain in the excellent SCTV episode known as 'Zontar'. Does this prove mankind is doomed? Buy it 'n find out. Edition of 300. & also

The Bruit Direct label, like any artisinal crafter've fine elixir's, the desire ain't about the macro. Rather, we's tend to be delighted by the dedicated micro results. And w/the band La Ligne Clair's 'Cheri' 12", there's versatile proof of this ethos in they's unique puddin.Perhaps it twas the grand scheme to make reggae or African hi-life, but be careful what you's ape. It has been said the Electric Eels was attemptin to fuse Bowie w/Captain Beefheart. And maybe that's what THAT sounds like. So too I'd concur w/ Mr. Bruit D that the music herein is No Wave. It's also-no Goth, no Crust, no Dub, no Thrash & no nonsense. Or maybe it's ALL nonsense. I reckon that just comes down to your penchant to dissect beauty in the marginal. La Ligne Claire excel in a mercurial galaxy where portals to Amos & Sara, 49 Americans or the Avocados (for instance) is always open & the likes of Lol Coxhill, Annette Peacock 'n Steve Beresford is looked upon as heroes. Not unlike a place I like to call, Home. This one's been a big winner in the turntable des engageant of 2011. Get it here;

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