Friday, January 11, 2008

Better Late Than Never.....Siltblog's Best Of 2007 Roundup

A happy 2008 to all's you readers in Blog Land. I've been pestered into doin a Best Of list for 2007 by some ardent peepers out there so here it is. Course, I've probably forgot a lot, this here list was composed in a matter of minutes & come direct for the recesses of my brain. It don't get much fresher! Thanks to all of you's who made 2007 a great year for Siltbreeze too. New titles on the way in Feb. Look for our SXSW showcase in March as well. I'll make sure to keep y'all posted.

Here we go!
Some lp's;

Blues Control-Puff (Woodsist)
Las Llamarada-The Exploding Now (S-S)
Sic Alps-Description Of The Harbor (Awesome Vistas)
Bad Trips-S/T (Rocketship)
Circle Of Ouroborus-Shores (Northern Sky)
Mammal-Lonesome Drifter 2xLP(Animal Disguise)
Tropa Macaca-Marfim (Ruby Red)

Some cd's;

Aufgehoben-Messider (Holy Mountain)
Blues Control-S/T (Holy Mountain)
Graham Lambkin-Salmon Run (Kye)
Naked On The Vague-The Blood Pressure Sessions (Dual Plover)

Some little guys;

Los Llamarada-The Very Next Moment 7" (S-S)
Car Commericals ep (Leaf)
Clockcleaner-Frogrammer 7" (Richie)
Tyvek-Dbl 7" (What's Your Rupture)
Spider ep (HoZac)
His Electro Blue Voice-Fog/Das 7" (S-S)
Eat Skull ep (Meds)
El Jesus De Magico ep (Columbus Discount)
Fabulous Diamonds ep (Nervous Jerk)
Slicing Grandpa-Chaos Midnight 10" (Strain Theory)
Mattress-Have You Heard 7" (Malt Duck)
Wooden Shjips-Sol '07 7" (Sick Thirst/Holy Mountain)

Some reissues & refinds;

Cassettencombinat-West Berlin 1980-81 3xLP (Vinyl On Demand)
Tommy Jay-Tall Tales Of Trauma LP (Columbus Discount)
Johnny Moped-Bootleg Tapes I & II 2xLP (Damaged Goods)
Nisennenmondai-Double 12" (Heartworm)
Ainotomenishis-Live '4 18 LP(Holy Mountain)
Church Police-Gilligans Wings 7" (Skulltones)
Messthetics-All volumes-CD (Hyped2Death)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family-My Ancestors LP
Afflicted Man-Complete Recordings 2xCD
Better Beatles-Mercy Beat LP (Hook Or Crook)
Figures Of Light-It's Lame 7" (Norton)
LSD March-Empty Rubinous Red LP (Tequila Sunrise)


Hank IV
Little Claw
Sic Alps
Blues Control
The Clean
FNU Ronnies
Los Llamarada
Whose Your Favorite Son, God?



give a listen to some new cool sounds from mexico

Anonymous said...

wtf! No Siltbreeze titles? You are of fair-minded stock. That Alasehir made my list. P-shaw!