Friday, September 21, 2007

Gimme Dem Ol' Time Releases......Siltbreeze 2007 Fall Lineup, Part 1

Two new releases out on Siltbreeze, both are VINYL ONLY in edition's of 500, each cover handscreened by Mr. John Sharkey (of Clockcleaner fame). Factums are a Seattle (& Chicago) trio who blat out an awesome junkoid rumble akin to early Punk/Noise purveyors ala Cabaret Voltaire, Residents & Chrome. They claim to have ties to A-Frames & The Intelligence but we signed'em anyway. Ding! XNo BbqX is the gnarly moniker for a duo of Aussie thud-humpers whose sheer crudeness is a MUST HEAR for those who want to listen. Imagine Harry Pussy & Mouthus taking turns fellating Xenakis. That's a lotta protein folks, Vegan or otherwise.

Postpaid prices as follows;

15$ per lp-USA

18$ per lp-Canada

25$ per lp-Elsewhere

If you want multiple copies, contact us 1st. Paypal & email to;

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