Friday, September 01, 2006

Taking What They Giving Cause I'm Working For A Livin....Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Yes, the Labor Day weekend is suddenly upon us. My plans include....let's see.....not much! I will be attending & competing in the 10th annual Hare Hassenfeffer cookoff out to the old drive-in up on Street Rd (I think it's in Glenside, but to tell ya the truth, all them suburbs is alike to me). There's a fella always comes what make's his own pilsner (good!) & another name've Werner (we call him Weiner though, really get's his ass in a knot) that brews a doozy of a Barvarian styled smoked beer (it's best w/wurst's 'n cheeses). Anyway, they asked me to bring a tape of various 7"ers to play durin the awards ceremony (as I am a shoe in, just like last yr) so this is how I've been spendin my mornin. Have a good one!

Chain Gang-Cannibal Him/My Fly
Anorexia-Rapist In The Park ep
The Four Plugs-Wrong Treatment/Biking Girl
The Stabs-The Woods ep
Home Blitz-Apocalyptic 2005 A.D. ep
Korpus Kristi-Ausgesetzt/Stadt Der Blauen Eier
Mothmen-Does It Matter Irene?/Please Let Go
Froberg-Breathless ep
Bigfoot-Discovered ep
Razor Penguins-Paris/Indifference
Blurt-The Fish Needs A Bike/This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir
Mikey Wild & The Mess-I Hate New York/Die, Die, Die
Accursed-Goin Down/I Didn't Mean It
White Stains-The Energy/Phase Of Madness
The GTC-Columbus & His Robot Army ep
Project 197-s/t ep
Dayshift-Living In The U.K. ep
The Rebel-Bums On A Rock ep
Major Stars-Black Road/Pocket
Bee Vamp-Valium Girl ep
Shoes This High-The Nose One ep
What Is Oil?-Human Suffering ep
King Of The Slums-Spider Psychiatry ep
The Groove-I Wanna Be Your Pigmy ep
Mekons-Snow/Another One
Brulbajz-(LLR) ep
Der Durstige Mann-Vergehtn ep
Hornsey At War-Deadbeat Revival ep
The Particles-Colour In ep
Kriminella Gitarrer-Sylvia's Unge/Hitlers Barn
Herco Pilots-Untitled dbl 7" ep
Psychedelic Horseshit-Who Let The Dogs Out ep
Half Japanese-Calling All Girls ep
Sapat-Tongue-Tied & Staid ep
Josh Reynolds-Speaks ep

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TOR Hershman said...

Hey, Silt, you can play moi's, not your averagé 'Osama/Bush' parody, "Oh, Osama" if'in ya wants.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,