Thursday, September 28, 2006

Drunk On The Cloudberries Of Lapponia.....Es' 'Sateenkaarisuudelma' Dbl LP

Allow me a moment to rant & say that you couldn't find a person less likely to endorse the parlour scene than I. Sorry folks, not my bag. I have a big problem w/the reverential nature of the thing, I feel like I'm in a Dianetics workshop or something. Believe me, you get "shushed" in those things but good (I should know, I was once a counselor). Yeah, it's too culty & the undercurrent is so.....clique-ish & besides, most of the performances I've seen just seem like dopey attempts to reenact (someone's idea of) a peyote ceremony or-even worse-recreate the magician/magic show from some long ago birthday party. I mean, c'mon, let's take that shit to a bar! At least I can go in the other room, have a drink in peace & listen as the tuneage wafts through the venue. I don't need to park my ass into a folding chair & staple my eyes open to watch it performed. I might even want to talk, ask a question perhaps, without someone blowing a fuse that the space isn't completely quiet.But that's me.The Holly Hobbie's, LL Beaners & trust fund bohemians can have their tea parties. I simply want to hear the music. I don't need to see it to be appreciative.Which brings me to this double lp by Es. These smurfs & smurfettes may've played here in town, I got no idea. I doubt I've have gone anyways. Not to say I didn't miss somethin, it was probably a right nice time, but then along comes this splendorous package from the (K-RAA-K)3 label & we're all even up! From what I can gather, Es is the moniker for a Finnish fella by the name've Sami & this is his forth lp, done-in part-w/the help of a few friends.I get the impression-gleaned from the few notes written on the lovely printed inserts as well as the titles on the spine-that this is a trilogy, broken up into 3 parts; Sateenkaarisuudelma, Maailmankaari & Pianokaari. It is a lovely & mesmerizing opus which effortlessly calls to mind-at any given time-the looping dervishes of Terry Riley, an unreleased Alice Coltrane session for ECM, Asmus Tietchens soundtrack adaptation for 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull', the incidental keyboard meanderings of a mischievous Herman Blount & the creaking mandalas of Limbus 4. It can most certainly warm up a room, even if I'm the only person in it, talking or not. Find it in the US at:
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