Monday, September 25, 2006

Embrace The Herd.....Las Malas Amistades's 'Jardin Interior' 3X7" LP

Harkening back to my days in the intelligence community, I wanted to share w/you all this....."review"...from a couple've code talkers whose chat room I've been monitorin in the interest of, uh, national security. Let's see what's goin on:

Vee_8_Cong:so what's your opinion of siltblog?

Pun_G_Styx: it's ok. why doesn't he do a top 100 list (LOL)?

V8C: i don't think he can count that far (LOL)!

PGS:he would have to find 100 records that he liked 1st.

V8C:yea, that could prove to be a problem.

PGS:at least it's about new stuff.


PGS: but sumtimes i beat him to the punch.

V8C: oh?

PGS: yea. do you know the band las malas amistades?

V8C: no. what are they about?

PGS: they are from colombia.

V8C: university?

PGS: no dummy, the country in south america!

V8C: duh, sorry.

PGC: cocaine, drug cartels, juan valdez.....hello?

V8C: okay, okay! i get it. so wht's up with this band?

PGS: they are excellent. they have a new triple 7" release out that is called 'jardin interior' & it's my favorite record right now.

V8C: is it like belle & sebastian?

PGS: is your mom?

V8C: gay!

PGS: you are!

V8C: no really, what is it like? are they new?

PGS: kind of new. this is their 3rd release. they have 2 releases on cd prior to this.

V8C: do tell?

PGS: yea. when i bought one of their cd's in new york city, the guy behind the counter tried to tell me it was like a cross between serge gainsbourg & os mutantes.

V8C: wow, brunch music (LOL)!

PGS: but it's not. it kinda is, maybe. but that's just nyc talk.

PGS: (LOL) yea, brunch music! 20$ for pancakes!

V8C: so what is the real deal with this band?

PGS: it's hard to say for sure. to me, they almost recall old minimalist uk pop. sort of like young marble giants.

V8C: really?! that sounds cool.

PGS: but not ymg per se. more like a cross between weekend & the gist. with a little steve beresford thrown in for good measure.

V8C: sounds awesome!

PGS: maybe like a modern take on the 49 americans. in spanish.

V8C: it's getting better & better.

PGS: really. it would have fit perfectly in the piano records catalog or on the choo choo train label. they are really cool.

V8C: sounds like it to me.

PGS: you should see the package too.

V8C: okay, let's have it?

PGS: it's an amazing fold out box w/printed lyrics, photos & artwork, with 3 individual handscreened insert/sleeves & all the 7" ep's have stunning & eye popping colored labels. it is quite the number.

V8C: fck, i gotta grab one of these before it's too late. who carries it?

PGS: i would try 1st. it's on a label called honest jon's & i think all that stuff comes through fe.

V8C: ok thanks. wow, i can't wait. how long do you think before it's on siltblog?

PGS: like, never.

V8C: why?

PGS: you know why.

V8C: gay?

PGS: like, totally (LOL)!

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thats what i call a conversation