Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charm City Don't Need No Pity.....Leprechaun Catering's 'Male Plummage' LP

Sorry for bein so delinquent w/my opinionatin. I was servin jury duty & sequestered in one of them Holiday Inn Express hotels. Right nice accomodations 'n everything,the cinnamon rolls & hard boiled eggs they put out for breakfast each mornin was quite enjoyable. I've had worse coffee too. There was a game room with an air hockey table that was a mess've fun till I got so good that none of the other jurors could beat me & quit playin. As far as I'm concerned, they was all GUILTY of bein lame. As for the trial, it's nothin to get worked up about (some fella was suin his neighbor because of a loud air conditioner. I stayed awake for most of it).Thank God that's over. I was tickled pink to get home & resume my daily what-have-you. There was a couple boxes of records waitin for me so the other night we had some folks over & commenced to playin some of'em. Ironically, the one I didn't spin-this here lp by Leprechaun Catering-seemed to command the most attention. Before I could put it on, my upstairs neighbor "Red" (on account of the birthmark on his neck) gave it a gander, held it up, made this Jo Anne Worley face & said sarcastically 'I bet this is good!" From then it got passed around & everybody had their little laugh 'n petty comment. I dunno, I kinda like it. It reminds me of that actor David Lochary from them John Waters movies. Which is funny, cause Leprechaun Catering is from Baltimore & nothin says Charm City more than John Waters. And let's be honest here, where else of the east coast would you be likely to find leprechaun caterers? I'm serious. Ever been to Baltimore? It's got some weird shit goin on. I can almost envision a building stuccoed w/graham cracker where many petite figgy puddings, mince meat pies & smoked salmon canap├ęs are churned out at an inhuman volume. Leprechauns know one thing & it's work. Or is that elves? Leprechauns, elves, same difference! That said, the duo known as Leprechaun Catering put their collective nose to the grindstone on this top notch lp that speaks to me in tongues once reserved for records/artists from past worlds like Metalanguage, Parachute & Random Radar. The one fella on here, Jason Willett, I know from work w/Half Japanese, that Jaunties box on Stomach Ache & other 7"ers I'm too lazy to go & check out. The other one, Tom Boram, is a mystery-as is who plays what-but that's okay 'cause it smokes like a box've florescent lightbulbs launched from a cannon & exploding into the side of my head. Great crackled & glittering diy improv damage & quite possibly the greatest bucket of gunk to claim Maryland as a home state since 'The Zombies Of Mora-Tau' stalked the beaches of yore. On the excellent White Denim label & limited to 326 #rd copies. Get it at;

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