Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Easy In The House.....Flak Mask's 'Comb Over And Over Again' 7" ep

Woke up this mornin to find this 7" from a band called Flak Mask pushed through my mail slot. How they knowed my address is a mystery, unless maybe they's buds w/Dimes 'n Piehole (that's my guess). Attached to the cover was a note what read "Here. Sorry, we couldn't stay for supper." Presumptuous I know, but I thought it was funny too, especially seein as how I ain't likely to be around for supper neither. A couple months back we entered our Siamese, John Odom, in a contest to be the spokesmodel for Skipper Catfood & I found out last night the fucker won! Their rep was blabbin in my ear somethin fierce; directions to the shoot (Vineland, NJ where they's hq'd), his costume, arrival time (noon, today), the whole bit. I figured best get there early since A), I got no idea where I'm goin & B), this cat ain't one much for wearin accessories, so we might have a time. Shit, "Blue Moon" (that's his nickname) don't even like sportin a collar, so I don't how they is gonna doll him up w/a skipper's hat, ascot & little cat sunglasses & expect him to sit for it. A ham he is not. It oughta be a sight though! And what a cat & a yacht have to do w/eatin a can of catfood is beyond me, but I ain't no Madison Avenue genius-nor am I eatin the shit-that's a question for philosopher's 'n economist's to wrestle with. I'm just takin the money's all (100$ smackers). So while's MG is gettin him ready for his brush w/the big time, I figured the least I could do was give this record a good goin over.
It sure is a pretty lookin package to start, what w/the handmade cover, silkscreened insert & front sticker. The sounds emitted from the grooves in the vinyl are tippy-top too, a nice balance of exemplary knob 'n petal extrapolations akin to those found throughout the cream of the Finnish underground crossed w/the narcoleptic, atmospheric langour-froth emitted by some've Brooklyn's bossest suitcase rockers. It's called 'Comb Over And Over Again' which is what's happenin right now to Blue Moon Odom as he sit's & stares at the turntable (did I mention he's cross-eyed?). He seems to like what he's hearin & so do I. So drop'em a line at; Trd w/d, POB 52096, Now Orleans, LA 70152. They got free cassettes too. Or check out;
Either way, it's all ipso facto & whathaveyou 'n whatnot.


Scott Soriano said...

hey, I am gonna give you a comment, a real comment and not spam!

These guys are also in Impractical Cockpit, whose Load LP is worth tracking down.

kek-w said...

The cassette on Night people is a total winner too!

marcela said...

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