Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Cold Clamey Bombing.....Homostupids 'The Brutal Birthday' 7" ep

I have been gettin email sputtering's from simps 'n soph's alike who seem to have a bee in their collective bonnet over the band, Homostupids. And it's got nary to do w/the music, but solely on account of the name. It is know.....mind numbing what people can find to complain about. I'm assuming the insinuation is that the name presumes anti Gay sentiment, i.e., homophobia. question; why bother me about it? Sure, I am regarded as a 'homme d'esprit' but hardly would I consider myself in the league of 'homo faber'. I am merely a homo sapien, nothing more. If anything I subscribe to the old Latin adage, "Homunculi quanti sunt". You know what I mean? Let's not lose track of the bottom line here people, THIS BAND IS FROM CLEVELAND! The name is rife w/self deprecation. Have you ever been there? It's sorta like Helsinki, Finland but w/a pronounced Great Lakes accent (not as bad as Michigan or Chicago, but close). And like all the Helsinkians I met, Clevelanders LOVE to drink. In both cities you'll see the goobs go through 5 classic stages've chug-a-lug in the course of a night; Euphoric, Defensive, Wanton, Maudlin & finally, Oblivious. Even the abandon has no abandon. It can make for some precipitous highs 'n lows to be sure. So what's in a name? If they was Finnish they'd be called Inhimillinen Tyhma, or somethin there abouts. Sure looks cool! But enough about the goddamn name. This is the 2nd 7" the Homostupids have released this yr & while the 1st one might've filled the void left since Iron Cross slammed into the cement, this one practically recalls Chrome's hallucinatory transformation from demi-god to deity in the sonic, thunderous moments between Alien Soundtracks & Half Machine Lip Moves. Word has it that these tracks actually precede those laid down on their debut & as good as that is, I prefer the yak off this one a whole lot more. And it's all there on one side too, 6 tracks worth. No flipping! I can't say that I know just whose carryin this, but it's a good bet that all the usual suspects oughta have it by now. If your in a hurry though, do it the old fashion way, write; Richie Records, c/o GENERAL DELIVERY, Phila, Pa 19146. Who knows? Philadelphia ain't no Hooterville, but it ain't no Mount Pilot either. It just might work.

THIS JUST IN: Richie Records has a blog site from which you can purchase this 7" + some other rad swag. Check out:
to find out more.

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