Thursday, September 28, 2006


I know, I know, another list. But this one ain't your average, run-of-the-mill fanboy kind. Oh no. What I done is list 100 albums I looked at yesterday in a used bin. It's more a test of my memory than anything else. See, I take these Ginkgo Biloba tablets all the time & I wanted to see if they's actually any count. So I'm gonna flood the memory banks now & remember 100 lp's that I seen through the course of the day. It'll be like that automatic writin that WB Yeats' wife did but different. It's only fair to say that some of these records I ain't never heard of, let alone heard! Some I might even own & the rest, well, I understand why they was orphaned. So in no particular order, let's get started (I'll try & recall the labels too):

1) The Band-S/T (Columbia)
2) Andy Gibb-Flowing Rivers (RSO)
3) Ramsey Lewis-Prime Cuts (Columbia)
4) Jerry Jeff Walker-Jerry Jeff (Electra)
5) Chico De Barge-Talk To Me 12" (Motown)
6) The New King James Version-This Joy (Light)
7) Marshall Crenshaw-s/t (WB)
8) Ten Yrs After-Sssh (London)
9) Paul McCartney-McCartney (Apple)
10) Poison Girls-Songs Of Praise (CD)
11) David Bryce-Avant Garde Piano (Candide)
12) Loudon Wainwright III-T Shirt (Arista)
13) Julien Clerc-Julien (EMI/Canada)
14) Etta James-Best Of (United)
15) Evergreen Blues-Comin On (ABC)
16) George Benson-Livin Inside Yr Love (dbl lp, WB)
17) Alice Cooper-School's Out (WB)
18) Johnny Mathis-Theme From Mahogany (Columbia)
19) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Your Gonna Get It (Arista)
20) The Godz-Nothing Sacred (Casablanca)
21) Dexter Wansel-What The World Is Comin To (CBS)
22) Voyage-Fly Away (Marlin)
23) Gloworm-I Lift My Cup 12" (Pulse)
24) Nikki Giovanni-Like A Ripple On A Pond (Nikton)
25) Jive Bunny & The Master Mixers-Swing The Mood 12" (Atco)
26) Color Me Gone-s/t (A&M)
27) Slave-Stone Jam (Cotillion)
28) Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (WB)
29) Tom Browne-Yrs Truly (Arista)
30) Led Zeppelin-Zozo (Atlantic)
31) Willie Hutch-One To My Lady (Motown)
32) Al Caiola-Tuff Guitar (UA)
33) Fatback-Hot Box (Polydor)
34) Seawind-s/t (CTI)
35) Pure Prairie League-Bustin Out (RCA)
36) Bunny Drums-Feathers Web 12" (Funk Dungeon)
37) Andrew Dice Clay-Dice (Def American)
28) Montana-I Love Music (Atlantic)
29) Cass Elliot-Mama's Big Ones (ABC Dunhill)
30) Lighthouse-s/t (RCA)
31) Nektar-Magic Is A Child (Polydor)
49) Chicago-Live At Carnegie Hall 4 vol set (Columbia) *I realize this is four lp's, but it feels like ten!
50) Fleshtones-American Beat 12" (IRS)
51) The Smothers Brothers-Mom Always Liked You Best! (Mercury)
52) Brook Benton-Home Style (Cotillion)
53) Barbara Streisand-Simply Barbara (Columbia)
54) Strapping Fieldhands-Wattle & Daub (Shangri La)
55) David Fanshane-Arabian Fantasy (EMI)
56) The Spy Who Loved Me-Soundtrack (UA)
57) Denis Coffey-Goin For Myself (Sussex)
58) Eric Burdon & The Animals-Greatest Hits (Polydor)
59) Yes-Fragile (Atlantic)
60) Phil Collins-Face Value (Atlantic)
61) Pretenders-Get Close (Sire)
62) Men At Work-Cargo (Columbia)
63) Argent-All Together Now (Epic)
64) Starship-Knee Deep In The Hoopla (Grunt)
65) Quarterflash-s/t (Geffen)
66) Joseph Haydn-Symphonies N0. 45 & 42 (Decca)
67) Joan Baez-5 (Vanguard)
68) Pilot-s/t (RCA)
69) Jose Feliciano-Fireworks (RCA)
70) The Leather Uppers-Bright Lights (Goner)
71) Dave Brubeck Quartet-Time Out (Columbia)
72-Richard Lloyd-Field Of Fire (Mistlur pressing)

Jesus fuckin CHRIST! Is that it? Shit, I felt like my brain was gonna explode! Man, what a bunch of useless knowledge! Why the fuck ANYONE would WANT to do shit like that for fun or worse, bragging rights, is beyond me. Now that I'm lookin at it I only got to 72. It felt like seven hundred & two. Wow! It was all comin to me fast & furious, then they started blendin in w/the cd's & singles I was gettin suffocating. I need to go lay down. I guess that Ginkgo stuff works. Remind me to leave that shit the fuck alone. Do they have pills that make you forget or am I gonna have to buy some weed? The next list I wanna see better be for a run over to Canal's Liquor's 'cause that's where I'm headed. Now where did I put that pen? I think I'm about to lose my fucking mind. Do I know how to fuck a day in the ass or what? Don't answer that!


deadwax said...

A clear result at the end of the first inning: Stigliano - 0.333 1RBI, Hinman - 0.000 1RBI, Woodbe - 1.000 1HR 4RBI.

bryan said...

putting 24 hrs between yourself and a secondhand copy of slave's stone jam and calling it cold is a sure sign of total memory recall. they call it the right stuff.