Thursday, March 09, 2006

Times New Viking To Tour! Sez To March Madness Fans, "Bite It You Scum"!

First a website & now an actual touring band? Definitely not your grandma's Siltbreeze. Hello everyone I am Mister Muggs, director of Ukiah Booking & on behalf of Times New Viking & Siltbreeze Records I'd like to hip you to the upcoming SXSW/West Coat tour dates for TNV. Here goes;

3/11 Dayton, OH- Canal Street Tavern (w/Heartless Bastards) 9pm

3/16 Austin, TX-Furniture Residence (w/The Rebel, Jada Hunter, Indian Jewelry, Grey Daturas, Elctro Shockbox, Daniel Francis Doyle & Make Arising) 1PM EVENT!

3/18 Austin, TX-SXSW Event @ Velvet Spade Patio-11pm

3/21 LA, CA-The Scene (w/Headache City & Cococoma) 8 pm

3/23 Sf, CA-The Eagle Tavern (w/Hank IV, The Fucking Ocean & Three Weeks Clean) 8pm

3/24 Sf, Ca- The Hemlock (w/ Residual Echoes & The Stabs) 8pm

3/25 Oakland, CA-Granma's House (loft party)@2002 Myrtle St (w/Helios Creed's Chrome, Rubber O' Cement, Sixes & Josh Taylor's Friends Forever) 8pm

3/28 Seattle, WA-Rendevous Jewelbox Theater (w/Jordon 'O Jordan & The Sea Donkeys) 8pm

3/31 Minneapolis, MN Hexagon (w/Stnnng & The Dad In Common) 8pm

Make sure to check back for adds to this list (hopefully).

Thanks to; Tony B, Craig, Edgar, Monty,Jason, Hisham, Clint, MSG & Rob.


mechanosm said...

Man, I hope Times New Viking is gonna make a stop in Portland, OR on their way up the coast!

Jason Nedley said...

Link to story in Cleveland Scene about Times New Viking:

Thought maybe you guys would like this.