Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just Because I Hate It Doesn't Mean I Don't Understand It

Dear Readers;

I'm sorry but I will be out of town this weekend so the Siltblog will be silent for a few days. I've been invited to participate in the judging of a Billy Mays Lookalike Pageant in San Francisco & how could anyone say no to that? I mean, I just love it when the real one screams shit like "WOOD DRYS OUT"! & that Grabber commerical, where the old woman in a Rascal throws a ball with it for her dachtsund to fetch? Killer! Anyway, if it's a nice weekend (here in Phila) there will undoubtably be a sad little yard sale set up in front of our building. Feel free to come by & laugh or shake your head in disbelief at the collection of broken furniture, moth-eaten "vintage' clothes & worthless vhs & dvd's that will be littering the sidewalk. And if you pay particularly close attention, you will surely hear selected tracks from the following albums pulsing out've our apartment. Disco isn't dead. It's just waiting for the quaalude to come back.
Your Editor,
Roland Woodbe

Bionic Boogie-s/t
Paradise-Back To America
V/A-Disco Party
Chailo-Let's Skate
T Ski Valley-In The 80's
Kool Kyle Starchild-Do You Like That Funky Beat
Sylvester-Step II
Andy Gibb-Flowing Rivers
David Cassidy-Cherish

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deadwax said...

I have to admit, Billy Mays may have a very loud voice, but that smile, and that twinkle in his eyes? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Daddy bear! I agree with all the other bears who've posted here, that that man is one hot woof! Have his baby? Sure, hell yeah. Since a guy can't get pregnant, we'd just have to try and try and try again...and I certainly wouldn't wanna kick his ass. What I would do, well...uhm..any bears here who wanna email me and talk about it, no problem! :-{)} Billy Mays would make an excellent houseboy, playmate, whatever. I'd do him in a new york minute, (and even THAT wouldn't be fast enough for me.) Everyone dissing him, just has nothing else better to do than to be pissy and annoying...let the real men drool over him...I know I'd just be in a very long line wanting to boff that bear! Billy, you would be welcome in the homes of bears everywhere...including mine! :-{)}