Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stiff Love In 2006.....Monitors 'Cunt-Fusion' 7" ep

We was sitting around the other night eatin chateaubriand's & listenin to that Bloodstains Across California record. Drinks was consumed as well. Oh the laughs! Some good stuff on that lp & not just the obvious cut's neither. So then we got to pullin out & puttin on all sort's of Cali punk stuff till eventually we was spinnin that 7" by Monitor. Then I remembered I'd got a new 7" from a band called Monitors so we played it next as a sort of call & response to see if it added up to anything. Well let me tell ya, we was all suprised by the contents. By the looks of it, I figured we was in for some dumbo Industrial noise, you know, like I couldn't just go sit out in the back yard & listen to the electric bug zapper fry mosquitoes. Same thing if ya ask me. But yo, these Monitors came pogo'n outta the speakers & sorta sounded like the Eyes, Insults, Plain Jane & The Jokes or some Geza X band who may've called Posh Boy home back in the halcyon days. Even the overall theme is a fresh throwback to less inhibited days. Four songs, all short 'n sweet & it's got all the hooks 'n charms to make it a keeper for yrs to come. Buy it now, sell it later. Who knows what the future will bring? Someday you might need to unload it to pay your oxygen bill that's overdue. Think I'm kiddin? I hope so! But in the here & now, you can inhale it while the air is free via


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W/S said...

Hey Dorkus-

Sweatshop 'volunteers' from Vietnam are leaving shitty spam posts like the above on your lovely blog, marring its perfection.

Swing the hammer.

If you like the Monitors, there's an outfit called Digital Leather that should make you drop your morning coffee from nervous fingers.