Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Red, White & Blew......Siltblog Top 10 for 7/4/06

So I was hoodwinked (long story) into goin down to the Italian Market to check on the critters at Siltbreeze HQ. Lax & co. had decided last minute to do the tourist thing & go to the Jersey shore for the holiday. And who get's to babysit-ME! Aw hell, I really don't mind, it's only a couple've cats & he said that the fridge'd be stocked w/sangria & fried chicken (my favorites!) so I'll help a brother out. I find the key, unlock the door 'n walk in. The place is about as quiet as a morgue. I guess this is one of them neighborhoods where everybody leaves town when they get an extra day. That's fine by me! Been here plenty of times before, but it ain't never been this calm. There are records everywhere, but I found a pile of albums hidden away behind a recyclin bin so maybe these is part of the kryptonite collection, ya know, records that just zap all the super powers outta ya. Looks like some good ones so I reckon I'll start with these & work my way through the room. Unless Dane Cook's havin a Tourgasm marathon! Then all bet's is off. That guy is a genius! Happy Fourth Of July!

The Starting Lineup;

1 Los Bichos-Color Hits
2 Door And The Window-Detailed Twang
3 Tav Falco's Panther Burns-The World We Knew
4 Ron And Shirley-Rock And Scroll
5 A. More-Flying Doesn't Help
6 Mittagspause-Live In Wuppertal
7 Nuclear Crayons-Bad Pieces Seen Delivering The Foretold Conclusion Spin All When After Consummate Pieces Open
8 Dragonfly-s/t
9 Bikini- XX. Szazadi Hirado
10 Tubby Boots-Thin May Be In But Fat's Where It's At

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"IN OUR OPINION" said...

Hi, I am wondering just what
"Tubby Boots, thin may be in..."
did you listen to it? Just curious. I traveled the country with Tubby in 1977 (now i am giving my age), I was his neice and tour manager. I drove for him. Do you know who he is?