Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here's What 2 Cents Buys.....A Reader Checks In!

Wow, you know, I met this fella Auggy over to Ray's Happy Birthday Bar not too long ago. I must've talked a blue streak that night. He didn't seem to have a whole lot to say then, but man, has he got a fierce pen or what? And wound a little tight too, don't ya think? And check out his accompanying collage.....calling all galleries, calling all galleries! I kinda wanted to see this show too, but I ended up goin surf fishin at the shore. Sounds like some time, that's for sure! Hey Auggy, next time down the bar, them schnapps is on me. That's if there ever is a next time.

dear roland

please forgive my tardy reply, but things have been very hectic around here(we just finished our guest room and now were preparing for carpet to beput down in our den. what fun!!!). i did have a minute last night to sneakout of the house and go see a few "bands" perform. are they still referredto as bands? it seems people kept on tossing about the term "project". idon't know about you, but project reminds me of school, and as you know i_hate_ school, and teachers too, but anyway, it all seemed very serious, ithink i even saw someone smoking one of those funny looking pipes that Sherlock Holmes used (but no, no one had on a scarf like that doctor whofella you like so much, i knew you'd ask. but i did see more than a fewgirls that looked like daleks. hahaha). i guess the fact that the "show" (ithink that words out of vogue too?!) was in a west Philadelphia basementdidn't help matters. you get a bunch of unskilled 30-somethings in a roomthat have jobs with the university and all of a sudden they're talkin' likedutch professors w/ tenure. so anyhow, i was watching (i think yourallowed to say "watch" still, right?) this spectre folk kid do his thing,and he's doing some post-modern take (sheesh, now i'm talking like one ofthose university receptionists!) Hasil Adkins thing, but in place of theone-man-band-kit, he had a laptop computer! boy, how times have changed. iwas standing next to this fella that works at the local record bin nearyou, you probably know him, he was in short pants and he's short, um. oh,that's right, you had remarked to me that one time that all the recordclerks near you were little guys, sorry, but i don't know how else todescribe him. anyhow, i say's as much to him about the haze comparison (tospectre folks credit, i do believe he's a real live hick!) and he startedsputtering out some pseudo intellectual defense for the laptop (you knowthat sorta community college lit major jabber that is far too common aroundthe bars and clubs in Philadelphia) that amounted to "lalalalalaa" in my ears. this is the same lil guy that once tried to tell me that the jesuslizard were more important than the birthday party! granted, that moviethat nick cave directed looks appalling, but given the choice btwn that andanything david yow has to offer. i mean, please! i really don't know howyou manage down there in south Philadelphia, you'd think it waspennsyltucky or something!anyway, i better run, my coffee's getting cold. keep up the good work and ihope to see you regards

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