Monday, July 03, 2006

Space Angel, Stay Outta Hell.....Human Zoo's S/T Mini LP

A few post's back I wrote (round)about the Hospital compilation 'Auto Glamour Sound' & also made mention of a couple other Dementia Precox titles & the Human Zoo mini lp. Some curious folk's wrote & asked me what they was all about so I poked around to see what I would see. I've since come to find out that Dementia Precox have a site up where you can purchase sealed, original copies of their 'Of Parts Unknown' lp. If your into dark, Germanik tinged electro/art/wave from neglected corners of the early 80's midwest, then this record could be your new best friend, at least for the summer. Go to for further info.
As for the Human Zoo record, that's a little more elusive. While it sports a Hospital matrix # (HDO 13) no tracks appear on the aforementioned cd comp. Can't say that I know why, 'cept maybe Human Zoo didn't fit the criteria, eschewing southern state Ubu-esque specifications. And they arrived a little late in the game too, this here lp bein released in 1986 & all. I spent some time in Cincy in the early to mid 80's (as a test subject for Kahn's Weiners) & can honestly say it was one of the dullest places I have ever known! The Hospital scene-which was truly underground-& WAIF Radio-which was all volunteer-were the only forms of civilized life you could count on. Oh sure, there might be somethin happenin at Bogarts, or maybe at (the better) Jockey Club, but for the most part, it was as stagnant as a mill pond in mid July. I was leavin as Human Zoo was breakin out but I heard tales of their greatness & was lucky that someone though highly enough of me to see that I got a copy of this lp. It's a doozy! You've all heard the story about Iggy smearin peanut butter on folks at a rock fest in Cincy back in the day, right? Well imagine if one of them globs had come to life. It would taken the form of singer Bevo Ruzka. Bevo's herculean monotone & Wiedemann fueled rasp-not to mention lascivious lyric content- is the main proponent in lauchin this lp into some anomolaous, dead-on DUNT zone that oughtn't exist between pre 'Raw Power' Stooges & post 'Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be' GG Allin & The Jabbers/Scumfucs. It's a wild & well lubed ride I shouldn't be takin right now! And I'd have all but forgotten about this if it hadn't been for that comp that they ain't on. But it seems like I connect dots like that all the time nowadays.
As for findin a copy, good luck! As I was doin some research for this, I came across a Human Zoo site run by former guitarist Bill Weber that'll shed some factual light on their history, myth & legend, go to
There's also a Human Zoo My Space page at;
Everything you need to hear & know is there & now. One of America's most criminally ignored rock bands? Check it out for yourself.

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