Saturday, February 10, 2007

Next Stop, Broadway......Roland Woodbe Host's The WFMU Listener Hour!

Well, I did it. I finally made the radio! An hour sure goes by fast when your spinnin records. I never woulda figured. Which explains why I brought so much what never got aired. But not to worry, my hunch is some of them will get to your ears even if I ain't the one on the mike callin'em out.
All in all I had a right nice time. They sure do keep it warm in that studio. Man, I was sweatin like a priest at a wiener roast all's through that set! I wanna apologize to any Swede's out there for makin mincemeat outta your neutral dialect durin that block've Scando bombs. My second language skills have gone to shit since I reentered the private sector.
Now I realize 9am on a Saturday ain't the primest hour to be diggin the warblings of the one's that got away. Hell, most of you's in New York City was probably just gettin home when I was playin them records. I hope I was of some help w/your entrance into Nod as you was countin all the hairs in a New Weird America beard in pursuit of beddy-bye. Sweet dreams & rest easy. Not to fret. It'll be archived.

Much thanks to Brian Turner & Bill Zurat for helpin 'n hangin. Also, big props to the WFMU in-house chef (didn't catch the name) for the divine lunch we feasted on after the broadcast (pictured above). He was hospitable enough to provide me w/the recipe which I have reprinted below along w/the particulars of today's set list. It servers 4!

Roland Woodbe setlist for the WFMU Listener Hour 2/10/07;

Mark Perry-Whole World's Down On Me (Deptford Fun City) 1980
Four Plugs-Wrong Treatment (Dead Goods) 1979
Pop Group -Where There's A Will There's A Way (Rough Trade 1 sided promo) 1980
Colours Out Of Time-Rock Section (Monsters In Orbit) 1981
Contact-Fascinated By Time (Object Music) 1979
The Stoat-Up To You (City) 1978
The Mekons-Snow (Red Rhino) 1980
Korpus Kristi-Stadt Der Blauer Einer (Zickzack) 1980
Leather Nun-Slow Death (Industrial) 1979
Liket Lever-Levande Begravd (Sista Bussen) 1979
Besokarna-Anna Greta Leijons Ogon (Heartwork)1979
Kriminella Gitarrer-Sylvia's Unge (Kpak) 1978
Watabout-PA Stockholms Alla Discotheque (Abnorm) 1979
Mizz Nobody-Smittad (Hass'p) 1978
White Stains-The Energy (T.O.P.Y. Scan) 1988
Twenty-Five Cents-The Witch (Flying Nun) 1981
Riptoids-The Devil Paid A Visit (Onset/Offset) 1985)
What Is Oil?-Mr. Mole (Oof Beat) 1979

check out the show here;

Recipe for Frankfurter Crown;
3 slices bacon
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/4 cup milk
3 cups sliced cooked potatoes
1 1/2 cups cooked cut green beans.
1 lb frankfurters

Heat oven to 350. Crisply fry bacon slices, crumble & set aside. Drain off excess bacon fat & brown onions in remaining drippings. Stir in soup, milk, potatoes & green beans. Pour into a 1 1/2 quart casserole. Cut frankfurters in half & stand around the edge of the baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes. Top with bacon & serve (cold slaw makes an excellent side for this as well....mmmmmm, delish!).


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Rebecca L said...

I just put up the listener hour archive. I don't suppose you can do permalinks? If you click on the playlist for your show it goes right to your blog. If you want any changes to the description (I can only add a half a sentence, but I can edit it) you can write me at rebecca usual rest of fmu address.

Rebecca L said...

I did find the permalink finally. Too bad listners won't see the yummy clown right away unless they click on the title at the top.

daniel said...

Incredible, I played the very same Four Plugs composition on the radioon WPRB Thursday night.

harry said...

Woodbe would be a DJ if he could be?

John M said...

Hey. I never post comments on account of not being the thoughful type. However, in this case I am moved... your listener radio hour was stellar. viva der sweeden.

dinahliang said...

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eric said...

nice set list. Doing Radio is fun, I used to help some friends do radio from time to time, it was always a blast.