Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Lesson In Logic.....Necronomicon's 'Tips Zum Selbstmord' LP

Just when I figured I'd plugged all the gaps & was home free from the mentally unwound, here comes one screamin outta the woodwork. And since we don't hear a whole lot from German Vertical Slit fans, what the hell? His 15 minutes commence-NOW!

Guten Tag Rommel Woodbe und Siltblog-

Hallo from Hamburg in Germany! Let me say I am number one of all fanatics for you in Deutschland. It is such fantastic to read & learn of all releases you encounter. Okay, so is it desperate to maybe ask for some writings on wonderful Krautrock reissues? Is from your blog not so much. It is true that the last decade did much to destroy the geist of the genre, to make it practically impotent. For example, look at American label such as Kranky. So much untermenshen that cry for nipple of Neu or Faust. And then most inferior copyist's of all; the Amon Duul problem. I fear there may be as many as six million of them infesting our lebensraum. Their eradication must be swift & ruthless! Vas? Pardon me Mein Kapitan, I was lost in my brain. So what was I saying? Oh yes, I would very much be honored & become correspondent for to showcase some of the more obscure masterpieces of Krautrock music. No problem for this promotion. I gladly accept!
For the start I would like to make attention to the legendary album by Necronomicon 'Tips Zum Selbstmord'. Translation is to you 'tip to the suicide'. Perhaps there are those who purchased this when it was available from Little Wings Of Refugees label as 4xlp boxset in last century. To them I say ausgezeichnet! You are the elite, the privileged. Some of us have not to know the taste of a silver spoon in the mouth & therefore had to wait until now for our chance to belong. Your days in power are numbers you filthy Laus! Mark my words; we will bury you! Ach, Mein Gott,sorry again, I get so passionate in my thoughts. Like your Amerikan saying 'sometimes is hard to tell forest from trees'. This is, for me, certain.
So, I feel much has been made of this title but I may be the first to say perhaps this is dark humor of the band. After all they are German. Tragedy & comedy are as one. We are romantic by nature & darkness is in our soul. But is interesting, as I recently sit down to this lp, I also later listen to Vertical Slit's 'Under The Blood Red Lava Lamp' cd & encounter much similarities. Both band's are dark rockers who thrive on science fiction & evoke ominous vibrations. Both also recorded with most 'distorted' quality but yet it works. They are also bands who are without single focus and so, misunderstood. I say this as Vertical Slit were between progressive rock & dawn of heavy metal. I feel this is for Necronomicon the same. However, Necronomicon predate Vertical Slit by some years and this is evident by their moments of pastoral, fusion-like instrumental passages. Much has been said of these part's sounding like Pink Floyd but I say to you, is also very like 'Jazz Odyssey' from Spinal Tap. Nicht so gut! True, some see this as psychedelic, a time to mellow from the overall heaviness of the record, but when the band peaks with their anthemic riffs, in-the-red organ overload's und harmonic choirs, the heaven's thunder as though Odin himself will charge out of the sky & wreak his havoc on us all. Dieses ist gut! This music is Teutonic majesty and captures the essence of Sturm Und Drang at it's foremost. Yes, the lyric quality is bleak-absorbed with vague leftist & ecological politics- also operatic, but it is the soul of Wagner, Mozart, Goethe combined with the blut und starke of young Germans from those rebellious times. Rock und Roll was the bltizkreig of those days and while I say yes, Necronomicon are indeed Krautrock, their extensions beyond that parallel are both unique & remarkable. The dischordant & sinister edges only help propel them into greatness. I would suggest a purchase of this no question, especially if you are to be interested in the rumblings on the outskirts of the genre.
And so Mein Furher, I think you shall find my review quite in order. I have established history, fact, comparison & verdict. I only live to serve as your trusted & humble servant. Until we meet again, SIEG HEIL!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Count Heinrich Von Kleist (Jr.)

(the cd version on the Garden Of Earthly Delights label is available via;