Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hessian Psych.....Sunlore's S/T lp

Can't says that I's make it up to Bucks County much, 'cept in late summer w/the heirloom tomaters 'n silver corn's in season. Some roadside stands over to Lambertville's always got just about the best I's ever had, year in, year out. Even the squash ain't no runts.
New Hope though.....just never seen the point. Oh sure, been there once, this here's what I remember about it; burnt chicken (aka 'Buffalo') wings, some French onion soup what tasted like it was made w/ketchup, watchin a rolly-polly gnaw on an ice cream biscuit,bikers on foot, a marble outhouse, dandelion wine, weak margarita's,lavender scented everything, lot's of jabberin, no parkin & a record shop run by a confused & bitter person what was tryin to sell a 10,000$, 10" acetate by an "unknown" rock band. So you tell me, what am I missin?
But eventually somethin good's gotta germinate, even there. And I reckon if nothing else, the spark what's piqued my interest is this S/T lp by Sunlore. Not that I'll be bustin a gut to visit'em if I ever get back that way, yet I ain't so cold hearted that I don't rejoice in what they's tryin to push. And what's so goddamn enjoyable about that is figurin out exactly what's spinnin; not just on the turntable, but in they's collective noggins. First go I could conjure them all sittin around a table, reading them Walter Wegmuller tarot cards while listenin to Toiling Midget's 'Deadbeat's. Since then I's heard sounds what resemble: the X/pressway Allstars muted rock opera on Beak Doctor, the unrecorded Hovlakin instrumental lp, Danny & The Dressmakers reinterpretin Manuel Gottsching's 'E2-E4' & Coloured Balls snorin through Marshall stacks. Which is all very much to my likin. They's also got a sideways/"sister" lp/band what's called 'Heartland' that thinner skins claim to enjoy (or is it, understand?) more, but from my vantage, there's fun more in the 'Sunlore' Find'em here;
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