Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Of 2012.....Letha Rodman Melchior/Tretetam's 'Moon Mountain' Cassette!

Figures I's have to be up in Philadelphia just as a cold snap hits. If that weren't bad enough, twas impossible to book a room as the city is deluged w/conventions. There's the Coin Tossers ('Wishes Can Come True'), another for Airchair Quarterbacks (these guys know everything-later) & a Butt Smokers Smackdown (I think it's a pork cook off, but they's a lotta leather struttin around, so who knows?). So's I's got stuck 'n holed up at SBHQ where it's a balmy 50 degrees inside. Shit, I feel like Scott in the Antarctic. Fetch me my pemmican! And don't say no to old horseflesh neither. Can't....feel....fingers. The sufferin one must endure when one's is the voice of the people. Since I's been here-all 2 days now-only thing what's worked in this cave is a cassette deck. Which is odd as I don't recall it ever bein here before. I'll be damned, but somebody got religion. Ol' Capt'n Siltbird come around & back to the tape. Folks had been beratin him for yrs to get hip (again) to the format. But he's a stubborn salt, so's it must've been somethin special to get this setup goin. So I had to have a gander as to what he's been listenin to. Only thing I's could find was an empty case for Letha Rodman Melchior/Tretetam's 'Moon Mountain'. Which is exactly the same thing I's been playin on the way here 'n was all set to prattle on about today. Sometimes great minds think alike, ain't that a hoot? Released on the expertly curated Robert & Leopold label, 'Moon Mountain' is a tip top construction what marries blips've collage finery, blaps've neo classical mood swings & blops've experimento DIY gastric discharge. It's aural murk is eerie, yet it begs a unavoidable allure. Ironically, at times it lit up the dimming bulb in my nog, flutterin the memory banks to remind me of another Melchior of yore. That one by HNAS. True, this ain't as overall screwy as that, but you get the picture, United Dairies wise. And when this delves into brief suites of forlorn serenity, it's as powerful as Yoran's 'Montparnasse' ep in makin both crocs 'n codgers bawl like babes. It ain't every day I's gonna wax on about no tape. But this is THE tape & in bein so, let us paraphase old man Krapp when we's ring out from our hearts 'Let it spool, let spool, let it spool'! Find it here; *For more info on Letha's trials & tribulations in fighting the good fight, go here;


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