Monday, January 14, 2013

Best Of 2012.....Blues Control's 'Valley Tangents' LP!

I's have had no end of folks contactin me to say this Best Of list is long on favorites 'n short on surprises. What can I say? Your catchin up, congratulations. We's come a long way from them salad days've 2006. Remember? Me leadin the way, you's all scared of the dark 'n teary eyed, still a babe in the woods. Didn't have no clue 'bout Afflicted Man, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Billy Bao or Meatus Murder. Now look at you's; prancin around w/a turd in your pocket, actin like you been all up in it since the get-go. It's okay, shit, it's only music. And this is only a list. MY list. Sorry I can't lead y'all to no well as once upon a time.Back then you didn't have no record label. Now you do. And so do all your friends. 2006 was a long time ago. Lot's changed since. Most of the bands what was championed then has either gone into decline or belly up. Few have survived & among them, even less have prospered. One what's done both is Blues Control. From them early rollin vibes 1st heard on the 'Riverboat Styx' cassette up to this new lp (housed in a Euro type sleeve too-fancy), they's arc've progression has been phenomenal to behold. That ivory tinged, metal-blues tapestry (think barrelhouse UFO) what mystified many a pinetop last decade has slowly yet evenly been shed for a sound what's more coextensive to the work've of Conlon Nancarrow meshed w/any one of the ambient axe slingers over to Editions EG. If you can't dig it, that's fine. Maybe you's just too Punk for it all. So stay put & get back to me about Merchandise or whoever. Better yet, don't. Blues Control has showed that growin up in public can not only be tasteful but also admirably rewardin.'Valley Tangents' is just the latest ace up they's billowin sleeve of psychedelic trump. So when your ready for them big boy pants, you can get fitted here;

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