Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Of 2012.....Cheater Slicks 'Reality Is A Grape' LP!

The phenomenon of the singin wonder how it came to be? Surely it ain't easy, what w/poundin away, keepin time + yammerin out all them memorized words. So's I guess that's why there's been so few in the game. Let's see what we got; Eagles, Carpenters, The I missin anybody? Be that as it may, there's only one band what fits this modus operandi that's got direct connections to Pep Lester, which means they's only a few degrees separated from drinkin out've a real live Velvet Underground punch bowl. And them's is known as Cheater Slicks. Since the last days of Dr.J, this trio've sonic arsonists have been lightin up the landscape w/a combination of howlin abandon 'n pathological intensity which has charmed many a miscreant what stalk God's green earth. Look at'em; Wallet Chains, Wine Sniffers, Dirty Uggs, Cabbage Eaters, Beret Hats,Thesis Nuisances, more Wallet's a gamut! Throughout the 90's the Slicks was a staple on In The Red, dishin out nuggets've fortified grit, some what's extended into zoner dirges where they's sounded like the Feelies meltin down in a meth lab. And if they got a mind, one could gnaw through an entire bucket've triple dipped fried chicken waitin for them bo's to bring it back 'round. Then who knows what happened, maybe ITR tried to feed'em a plate've snails, but like a modern day take on Cosimo Piavasco, they lit outta there & headed for the treetops, vowin to never again touch the cold concrete floor've some sad old garage for the rest've eternity. Which to my hearin, it's a promise what's been made good. The Cheater Slicks has a masterful life, one what's above the wretched excess. And like the aforementioned Baron In The Trees, the longer they's kept their distance from the mundane, the thicker 'n more ferocious their sound has become. And the world is a better place on that account. Comin hot off the heels of a 2nd volume of searin live grunt, 'Reality Is A Grape' is perhaps the Viola what's been waitin for all along. Go 'n snag a copy here;

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